Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

YouTube Music is now getting a new and attractive update, which allows users to offer live lyrics. Previously, the tests for this feature were noted as far back as April. The brand has rolled out this new updated tab on Android and iOS platforms.

In Now Playing, the battle along the Lyrics tab has now been upgraded with a fresh and modern design. With this new update, the account will now display much larger text than the previous version and better spacing. The current line appears in white, while the rest of the thing appears in faint gray. The page refreshes and moves as the number jumps to the next line.

Before the lyrics begin, YouTube Music uses a note as a symptom of audio. The salient point is that this new change can be seen on several songs for now, but not all songs seem to support live lyrics. If this happens, it means that users have the old version.

According to the reports, the new live lyrics update is spreading for YouTube Music for Android devices with the 6.15 version and iOS devices with the 6.16 version. However, the feature has been noted before, but was only generally available at the time.

In addition, not every song seems to have access to the updated lyrics feature, although it is expected that this may change soon.


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