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Smartphones are the most personal device there has ever been. Your smartphone probably knows you much better than you do. That’s why journaling has been so important for some people.

The problem is that, unlike all other aspects of our lives, our smartphones and apps aren’t very well integrated with journaling. This is where Apple’s Journal steps in.

The long-awaited iOS 17 Journal app has finally made its debut with the iOS 17.2 Beta 1 update. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this exciting addition to the iOS 17 ecosystem.

Remembering life’s special moments is a powerful experience, and Apple has found a unique way to help users do just that. The new Journal app in iOS 17 allows users to not only remember but also document their experiences, drawing inspiration from different aspects of their day including people, places, activities, music and of course photos.

While the Notes app offers basic note-taking features, Journal differentiates itself by merging both direct and indirect content. What sets the iOS 17 Journal app apart is its use of on-device learning, offering personalized suggestions for writing about your experiences. This not only promotes better mental health and wellbeing, but also manages the content you’ve created with your iPhone, such as photos, videos, locations, people and workouts.

Apple designed the Journal app to address some of the common issues people face when keeping a journal. It provides text prompts that guide you through the day and help you express your thoughts and ideas. These pointers can be a lifeline for people struggling with writer’s block. Plus, the app lets you set daily reminders so you never forget a moment to think and write.

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The Journal app is currently available in iOS 17.2 beta 1. To access it, you will need to download and install the iOS 17 developer beta. However, please note that the developer beta may contain some bugs that may impact your experience. We recommend waiting for the stable iOS 17 release. In the meantime, there are some excellent alternatives to explore.

Here are some features of the app that we liked during our use

The simplicity of the Apple Journal app may surprise you. It consists of just one screen: a reverse chronological timeline of your diary entries with a prominent plus button at the bottom. Tapping the plus button brings up options to create a new post or respond to the Journal’s “reflection” prompts, which can spark your creativity.

Media-rich journaling
The main feature of the Journal app is the ability to create diaries with audio, photo and video input. Users can document their precious memories accompanied by photos, videos, voice messages and location tags.

Writing prompts for inspiration
The Journal app offers suggestions divided into two categories – Recent and Reflections – to boost your writing. Each suggestion includes a writing prompt, such as “What was the highlight of your trip to the mountains?” or “What is the story behind these photos?” You can also choose reflection questions, such as “What is your secret superpower?” or “What activity makes you feel most refreshed?” to ignite your creative spark.

Customize using themes
The Journal app offers a range of theme options for you to choose from when creating your entries. Themes can be based on the locations you’ve visited, the music you’ve listened to, or the photos you’ve taken in a particular place or on a specific trip.

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Input filtering
To simplify your journaling experience, the iOS 17 Journal app lets you easily filter past entries based on content, such as photos, videos, places, or bookmarked websites, so you don’t get lost in a sea of ​​entries.

Keeping things safe
Journal entries are deeply personal, and as we well know, Apple places the utmost emphasis on user privacy. This commitment to protecting your personal content extends to the iOS 17 Journal app. To increase the security of your precious memories and reflections, the app allows you to lock your diary entries with Face ID. This means that only you can access and unlock the treasure trove of your personal experiences, keeping your privacy intact and your memories exclusively in your hands.

The Journal app opens up exciting possibilities for documenting and cherishing life moments in a digital age, making it an essential addition for iPhone users. Whether you’re a seasoned journalist or new to the field, this app promises to enhance your experience and inspire you to capture and relive your most precious memories.

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