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Your iPhone can tell you if something is wrong with your car: here’s how

The iPhone is a very powerful device that can do many things that a laptop or gaming console can do. It can also be used as a portable game console or to take photos like a digital SLR. But did you know that iPhone has another interesting trick that makes it a pocket-friendly auto mechanic?

That’s right, thanks to the new iOS 17 update, your iPhone now has an improved Visual Lookup feature that helps you identify text written on images and photos you click. And now this feature will help you identify different symbols on your car dashboard.

You may have noticed that there are quite a few icons next to your car’s speedometer. When these light up, many people begin to suspect that something is wrong with their car. But now, if you have an iPhone, it will tell you what’s wrong, so you can just point your phone’s camera, click a photo, and Visual Look Up will do the job for you. .

According to the report, this feature can identify dashboard warning lights, climate control, defrost icons, and other features available on the car. You can access the details of these features so you don’t have to panic and run to the nearest service center to get it repaired.

How to recognize icons using visual lookup on iPhone

So how can you use your iPhone to identify these symbols inside your car?

– First, you need to update your iPhone to iOS 17 version

– Click on the image and open it using the Photos app on your iPhone

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– A new steering wheel icon appears at the bottom of the toolbar.

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  • – Click on the icon to see details of the symbol inside the car

    All data is sourced through the iPhone’s Safari browser. I’m not sure if this feature on the iPhone will recognize the features in any car, but I’ll try it out in different cars to see if it works as advertised. We recommend that all cell phone manufacturers provide a feature like this for all users, as just knowing that something is wrong with your car can be very helpful.

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