Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
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Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is an application that allows you to read Office and PDF files and edit them as desired. Experience features that help optimize measurements and associated colors. At the same time, you can select elements in your document to distinguish them from the others. In fact, this is a useful application that will please every user.

Best document reading interface for users

Users can use Xodo PDF Reader & Editor to read various documents and you can easily customize the interface so that the user experience is always guaranteed. You can change the page color to white, dark, etc. Concretely a list of colors that you can choose according to your experience. The default reading style of this application is horizontal reading, but you can customize it to switch to vertical reading.

Depending on how you read it, there are several features optimized for you. Just swipe to shrink the page and switch from single to double mode. From there, you can manually tap a few words or phrases on the page to easily edit or highlight them. At the same time, for documents rotated in different directions, the application also supports the rotation function, so that you can read the documents easily.

Read different file types

The main function that a user can find in her Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is reading document files and editing them if necessary. At work, read a wide variety of file types, such as PDFs, and standard Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. From there, it’s a simple yet useful feature that allows users to read multiple documents on their device and auto-fill documents from time to time.

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Another useful feature that all users will appreciate is the ability to open and use Office files, save them as PDFs of course, and share them for any purpose. At the same time, printing files in PDF format is also ultimately easier and less mobile than Office files when opened on other platforms. Moreover, in this application you can not only read the documentation, but also get useful information.

Highlight important elements

When you read a document, you need to highlight important lines that appear in Xodo PDF Reader & Editor. You can highlight a word or phrase and then highlight it in a different color. You can choose from various colors to comfortably read this information. Additionally, you can choose from different highlighting options depending on the importance of your information.

If the document you are working with has been edited and has attachments, you can easily find the outline text headers. View a list of document headings and jump to the right page with one touch. You can also add blank pages after the selected page. From there you can add notes that correspond to the page you just read, perfect for students.



Xodo PDF Reader & Editor v8.5.6 / Mirror

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor v8.5.4 / Mirror

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor v8.4.2 / Mirror

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