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Would you like to buy an Estação Espacial Internacional? Discover the Station tem uma nova app for Android and iOS – Apps

Visit the website Spot the Station has been possible for several years in Estação Espacial Internacional (ISS) e, ago, a NASA experience for mobile phones with a new application for Android and iOS.

An international organization from North America explains this application of additional capabilities, more information and an interface created to improve the use of the local location of the ISSwith part of the images and videos of observations at a real pace.

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Mobile versions of Spot the Station are possible Receive notifications on your smartphone when you look away to observe the passage of the ISS Make sure you locate the uses.

Like at NASA, Using an application application is a foretaste of the 25th anniversary of the first operas in the ISS. The code of the app Open Source and all interests on the project page are larger.

A Spot the Station is free and available for Android, Play Store, iOS and App Store.

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