Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
StandBy Mode Pro on Z Fold 5 next to iPhone 14 Pro Max

What you need to know

  • iOS 17 introduces Standby Mode to iPhone models, providing a Smart Display-like experience when charging.
  • Some Android smartphones offer a similar interface, but are not as feature rich as what iOS 17 brings.
  • StandBy Mode Pro emulates this iOS 17 feature, but with far more customization than what Apple offers.

When Apple introduced iOS 17, there weren’t many “game-changing” features unless you’ve used an Android phone before. But while testing the iOS 17 beta on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, I thoroughly enjoyed the “new” standby mode.

Basically, it turns your iPhone into a smart display of sorts, complete with a digital clock, calendar, upcoming tasks, weather, and various widgets. This isn’t new in the Android realm, as Samsung phones also offer a similar feature thanks to their always-on display, but it’s not really “to the point” either.

By Admin