Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Tthanks to Artificial intelligence, it is now possible to communicate with Jesus Christ through an app. All you need is a mobile phone and the Text With Jesus app.

This channel for direct communication with the virtual Jesus is free and available in English.

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What is ‘Text with Jesus’?

The “Text With Jesus” app is aimed at the believers and believers of the Christian and Catholic traditions who seek spiritual guidance and comfort in the sacred scriptures that contain God’s word.

The answers generated by this technological resource are based on verses from the Bible, making the experience congruent with faith in Christ and with all religions founded on the holy book.

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The app simulates a conversation with Jesus of Nazareth, but you can also get in touch with the Holy Family, namely Joseph and Mary, with the 12 apostles, and with some prophets.

Additionally, to make the experience more realistic, you have the option of consulting the ruler of the underworld himself, Satan, although talking to him requires access to the app’s premium option.

‘Text With Jesus’ has the best intentions

According to the makers, the app is not intended to replace divine communication or to communicate with spiritual entities.

It is simply trying, through artificial intelligence, to provide a more tangible comfort to the faithful.

Our app is a resource for research, education, and engagement with biblical stories, and is not intended to replace or mimic direct communication with divine entities, which is a deeply personal aspect of one’s faith. app on their website.

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“The AI-powered app does not claim to provide actual divine insights or possess any form of divine consciousness, but simply uses its language model to generate answers based on a broad corpus of biblical and religious texts.”

To download the app you will need access to the Apple App Store as this resource is currently only available for iOS operating systems.

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