Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Now that the week is coming to an end, we’re looking forward to putting our feet up, relaxing, and checking out some apps on our phones. After all, our phones do much more than just keep us connected: they’re also a mobile entertainment device and a productivity tool. Are there any interesting apps that are free? Sure, there are! That’s why we have our list of free apps of the week for iOS and Android below.

Appearing twice a week, we make sure you don’t get lost in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store looking for free apps. Instead, we’ve scoured both app stores to find a curated highlight list of paid apps we think you’d be interested in. However, there’s a catch: these apps are only available for free for a while. Discover more below!

Naturally, you will come across apps that you are interested in, but don’t want to spend money on. That’s why we do what we do: browse the Apple App Store and Google Play Store twice a week looking for paid apps that are currently available for free. These are all limited time offers and we don’t know when the developers will discontinue these offers.

After all, no one likes installing malware or useless apps. That’s why we feel responsible to only offer apps with a rating of 3.5 stars or higher. This will be different from our top 5 apps of the week as we actually rate the apps in that list.

Tip: If you come across an interesting app listed here but don’t need it right now, we highly recommend installing it before uninstalling it. When you do this, the app will be saved to your library so you can install it later without having to pay for it, even after the promotion ends.

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Android apps are available for free for a limited time

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Learn English – Sayings Master ($5.49): They say the best way to learn is to play. This will help you master the nuances of the English language in an interesting way.
  • Fast bow thrower ($2.99): Are you tired of your default Android launcher? There are a lot of custom launchers around, and this is one of them.

Android games

  • Save the wizard ($3.99): A puzzle adventure game with great graphics where you have to find out where the missing wizard is.
  • Zombie Age 3 Premium ($0.99): It’s the zombie apocalypse. Armed with all the weapons you can scream for, it’s a literal fight for your life.
  • VR Pirates Ahoy ($0.99): Do you want to explore the depths of the sea without getting wet? With this VR simulation you do this in a safe environment.
  • Pyramids VR roller coaster ($0.99): Forget waiting in line at amusement parks if you want to take a roller coaster ride. This game allows you to explore a fun ride in an Egyptian environment.
  • Intergalatic SpaceVR roller coaster ($0.99): Do you love all things that are not of this world? Space is considered the final frontier, and in this VR simulator you can now take a rollercoaster ride to space.

iOS apps are available for free for a limited time

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • AI Anime Filter ($4.99): Do you want to watch kawaii? This anime filter will make you look like a manga character in all your photos!
  • Kosaku ($0.99): If you are a social butterfly and love networking, then this app is perfect for handing out beautifully designed social media cards.
  • Wallax – Background Editor ($0.99): Do you want a favorite photo as your background? This allows you to easily resize photos to fit your phone screen.
  • Pupillary distance measure X ($1.99): If you have an iPhone
  • Zippycal ($0.99): A calendar app that works differently. Each event is displayed on a watch face, so you are better informed at all times.
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iOS games

  • Save the wizard ($3.99): The wizard has gone missing and it’s up to you to find him in this unique puzzle adventure game. Time to put on your thinking cap!
  • Treasure hunt photos ($1.99): A unique way to involve your family and friends in a scavenger hunt. It is ideal for keeping your little ones busy at home.
  • Wind Wings Premium ($1.99): It’s time to save the galaxy again in a shoot ’em up. You are a lone star fighter and it is up to you and your reflexes to shoot down the enemies.
  • Moto Race Pro ($1.99): Remember the motocross maniacs? That classic game is now available in a modern form under a different name. Yes, it’s a variant, but it’s still fun!
  • Adventurous food ($2.99): Do you have trouble getting your children to eat? This app offers a creative method to help little ones love their vegetables.

What do you think of our selection to end this week? If you’ve come across something interesting that you’d like to share with us, please leave a comment below!

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