Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

The final release of iOS 17 is coming soon. But when will Apple make iOS 17 RC available? Taking history into account, the wait shouldn’t be very long.

iOS 17 is packed with new features. It introduces a revamped phone app. It brings personalized contact posters, which give users a new way to express themselves by customizing how they appear, giving incoming calls a new look. They can choose treatments for photos or Memoji and eye-catching typography and font colors.

For FaceTimeWhen users call someone who is not available, they can share a message in audio or video that they can enjoy later. In addition, the app adds Comments such as hearts, balloons, fireworks and more.

With iOS 17, Apple says Autocorrect received an extensive update with a transformer language model for word prediction. It’s also been redesigned to better support typing, and sentence-level autocorrects can correct more types of grammar errors — and there’s even more. But when will Apple release iOS 17 RC?

Since iOS 13, beta 8 is the latest test version before Apple released Gold Master or Release Candidate version. According to Bloombergsaid Mark Gurman, “Under any contingency, the company is considering the eighth beta test as the final version of iOS 17.0. That said, the iOS 17 version could be released any time soon.

According to ThinkyBits, Apple has taken the last few years to release the RC version of iOS:

  • iOS 13: 20 days
  • iOS 14: 6 days
  • iOS 15: 14 days
  • iOS 16: 9 days
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We’ve been running iOS 17 beta 8 for six days, which normally means the next release won’t be until next week at the earliest. But since Apple’s iPhone 15 event is next week, we could get the RC version anytime between today and next Tuesday.

BGR will let you know as soon as this trial version is available. Below you will find everything new about iOS 17.

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