Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Last week, Mark Zukerberg announced the

HD photo

support for


. After the announcement, Android users gradually began to receive the feature, and HD photos support is rolling out on iOS as of today.

Share HD photos

support for rollout on iOS

Like Android users, who have been able to share HD photos with others via WhatsApp since a few days,


users now also have this option. But it’s a gradual rollout and may take a few days to reach all iOS users.

How to check if your iPhone has been received

WhatsApp HD photo

share function

There is no rocket science here. All you need to do is update the app to the latest version and then open it. Go to any chat window, tap the “+” icon and select an image from the gallery. Look for a new “HD” icon at the top.

If it is there, the feature is available on your iPhone. If it’s not there, the feature isn’t available and you may have to wait a while.

How to Send HD Photos on WhatsApp with iPhone

Make sure you install the latest version of the WhatsApp app

Open the app and go to any chat window – Individual or Group

Now select an image and tap on the ‘HD’ icon.

Share the image.

Once you tap on the HD icon, another popup will appear asking you to choose the resolution. Select the HD resolution

Tap the share button.

Things you should know about sharing HD photos on WhatsApp

HD photos reach a maximum resolution of about 12 MP. So if the photos are larger than 12 MP resolution, it will be resized to about 4000 x 3000 pixels.

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For multiple photos, you only need to turn on the HD switch once

Switching between HD photos is only available for photos with a resolution of 4000 x 3000. The option is not available for a lower resolution.

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