Mon. Sep 25th, 2023


  • Meta has released a beta version of WhatsApp for iPad.
  • Users can install the native WhatsApp app through TestFlight, allowing them to use WhatsApp on their iPad without the need for a mobile phone.
  • Although some features are not yet fully available, Meta plans to roll out updates to fix bugs and improve the functionality of the app.

While you might be happy to be able to chat with friends and family on WhatsApp, not being able to sync the app across all your devices can prove to be very inconvenient. Since there is no stable WhatsApp app on iPad, it is not easy to continue the conversation on iPad after starting it on your phone. Now, Meta seems to be addressing the long-standing issue of creating a compatible version of his WhatsApp for his iPad.

A native WhatsApp app built on Mac Catalyst has been released by Meta and is now available to beta testers who are already using the beta app on their mobile devices (via WABetaInfo). As long as you have downloaded the beta version of his WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad, you can install it through the TestFlight app. If you want to try it out as a beta tester, first open WhatsApp on your iOS device. In (Settings), go to (Linked Devices) and select (Link Devices). Once you scan a QR code to link your iOS device, you can use WhatsApp on that device without having to maintain an internet connection on your phone.

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This will definitely improve the possibility of seamless communication when WhatsApp users want to migrate from one device to another. However, it is not without its flaws. Some features are not yet fully available, such as the option to view and post status. Meta plans to roll out remedies for these bugs and other recorded issues as the app is updated.

Despite WhatsApp keeping users connected, Meta has not always ensured that the app works well on all operating systems and devices. The European Union recently recognized Meta as a gatekeeper for the instant messaging industry amid the rollout of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Currently, he has six months until the company enables his WhatsApp interoperability. That is, you need to allow users to receive messages from other apps. The aim is to prevent companies such as Meta from undermining competition within the EU.

Meta has released a beta version of its app that supports features on the iPad, and it appears that it has also started to become DMA compliant. Beta testers found a blank screen titled “Third Party Chat”, presumably for receiving messages from other software. Although nothing has been officially announced yet, this move could move Meta one step closer to having its gatekeeper designation removed from the EU. If you rely on WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family, these efforts to make the service more compatible will likely work to your advantage.

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