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A brand new week can only mean one thing: nextpit continues to deliver our list of free apps of the week for iOS and Android. We appear twice a week and make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the number of choices in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Instead, we’ve done the heavy lifting on both app stores to put together a curated highlight list of paid apps, even though they’re temporarily available for free. Check it out below!

We understand that from time to time you come across interesting apps that you want but don’t want to spend money on. That’s why we searched the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for paid apps that are currently available for free. This is only a limited time offer and we don’t know when the developers will pull the plug on these offers.

Please understand that we want to maintain a certain quality here. That’s why we only offer apps that have higher than 3.5 stars. This will be different from our top 5 apps of the week as we review the said apps in that list.

Tip: If you come across an interesting app listed here, but don’t need it right now, we highly recommend installing it before uninstalling it. Doing so saves the app to your library so you can install it later without paying for it, even after the promotion ends.

Android apps are temporarily available for free

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Planets 3D Live Wallpaper ($5.99): Want to brighten up your phone background? This app gets the job done with literally alien images. Keep in mind that live wallpapers are often a curse for your battery life.
  • ProCam X ($4.99): Time to take professional looking photos with your phone camera if you ever decide to drop your own phone camera app for this.
  • Knobby volume control ($0.99): Here’s an app that lets you control your phone’s volume, not through physical buttons, but with a replica of a volume button…
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Android games

  • Shadow Knight: Ninja Battles ($0.99): A side-scrolling adventure game where you are a ninja battling enemies. Hack and slash your way to victory!
  • Darkland: Cube Escape Puzzle ($0.99): A platform game in which you are a cube and desperately need to find your way out of the level. Death is inevitable, but only through death can you escape.
  • Minesweeper Pro ($1.49): Anyone who grew up with Windows 3.1 would definitely remember Minesweeper. This was a game that kept you mindlessly entertained for hours, and is back to do the same on your phone!
  • Data protection ($4.99): A minimalist tower defense game in which the setting is cyberspace. Forget the high-tech artillery here, it’s more about bits and bytes.
  • Endless Nights RPG ($0.99): An RPG in the traditional 8-bit, top-down perspective that follows a roguelike tradition. Everything is procedurally generated, so no two playthroughs are the same.

iOS apps are temporarily available for free

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Give ($0.99): Create GIFs on the spot with your photo collection. How much easier can it get?
  • Stream music player ($1.99): Play and listen to mp3s that are in the cloud! There is also an equalizer with 20 presets for you to choose from.
  • Superdo: shared to-do lists ($4.99): Group assignments, a big family, everyone can always benefit from a shared to-do list, especially since it dynamically updates for everyone as changes are made.
  • Mirror Journal ($1.99): A self-reflective journal where you not only write down your thoughts, but can also choose to recall past memories only if you wish. Of course, secrecy is of the utmost importance, so that not just anyone can read its contents.
  • Money – Easy Tracking ($0.99): An app that helps you keep track of where every penny of your budget goes. Of course, it’s only good if you remember to enter your expenses…
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iOS games

  • crazy truck 2 ($1.99): Drive truck across different types of challenging terrain to reach your destination except you have to overcome various obstacles along the way including zombies.
  • Bobas: swipe shooter game ($3.99): Fire on Bobas by swiping, how fast are you? As you progress, they too would evolve and become even trickier to target.
  • Wild Wolf Simulator Games 3D ($9.99): Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live like a wolf in a pack? Wonder no more with this simulator title. If only there was a werewolf simulator based on the actual lunar cycle…
  • Not Dragon, Dragon ($0.29): A game based purely on luck rather than skill. It claims to test your intuition, but I’d say it relies more on luck than any other factor.
  • Paint tiles ($2.99): Make combinations with other tiles to remove them, and to do this you need to paint them.

What do you think of this week’s selection? Feel free to suggest your own findings for good free apps in the comments!

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