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Decensored Waze version with the following improvements compared to the official version:
– display of the exact location of fixed or mobile speed cameras.
– enlarged speed limit sign for more readability
– Radar sound warning regardless of speed (only in case of speeding with the official version)
– personalized map skin with black background to save battery and improve readability
– Choice of new voices compared to the official version
– Vanessa (unchanged),
– Morgan (Cars voice is pretty cool), if you prefer Morgan’s real voice, delete the folder in waze/sound/french
– Svenska (French voice, sound amplified),
– Srpski (Star Wars voice, the first voice after the English voices).
– transparent gray signal button (instead of a solid orange circle in the official version) for greater card readability and to prevent the “burn” effect on the AMOLED screen
– possibility to report bad or no limitation by clicking on the speedometer and then choosing “report” (option absent in official version)
– announcement distance of the changed controls compared to the official version:
– highway at 1500 m
– Fast lanes at 1200 m
– Roads at 1000 m

NB; distance configurable in the “Preferences” file by adjusting these 2 lines:
Warnings.Warning distance_: 1000
Warnings. Police warning distance_: 1000

Speed ​​camera warnings have been officially banned in France since January 2012, their use punishable by a fine of 1,500 euros and a revocation of 6 points on the driver’s license.

By installing this version, you remain responsible for its use.
Namely in France according to the law that is still in force to this day: The police do not have the right to search your smartphone.

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Cloned version:
➡ Package name changed to com.wten

You can install it alongside the official Waze app

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