Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Some vehicles are experiencing navigation problems

Waze is normally a great option for finding your way around, employing real-time traffic data from its users to provide the best route to your destination. Paired with Android Auto, that can bring those real-time traffic updates to the large display in your car for navigation. Unfortunately, a number of BMW drivers have hit a bit of a bumpy road with Waze, as a glitch is currently preventing the use of the app’s navigation system.

The normal Waze heads-up display has become unresponsive on some BMW cars. Affected users are reporting a “calculating route” message that never changes to the actual route when using Android Auto (via 9to5Google). By the looks of the responses, it isn’t specific to any one BMW model, with users have reporting this issue for the 2020 BMW 4 series, BMW 2022 G21, and BMW 118, among others. This also seems to be affecting a more limited spread of other car makes, with at least two reports for a Mercedes-AMG GT43 and a Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Waze running on in-car infotainment screen

Community Specialists have been responding to the complaints, requesting bug reports for the dev team and asking for screenshots of the error, plus more information on details like the phone make/model, car make/model, Android Auto version, and anything else that could help narrow down the problem.

This has been labeled as a trending issue, and based on the comments there are more than a few people suffering from this. Luckily, one commenter has reported that their other navigation system works; it’s just the Waze app not working on their HUD. Hopefully everyone affected get some resolution soon.

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