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Don’t let your phone get bored with simple wallpapers forever. Changing the mobile phone interface every day makes it even newer. It’s great that your phone wallpaper is a 3D animation that makes your phone exquisite. Beautiful 3D animation with cute and naughty koi. Setting up your phone on a daily basis and keeping it updated can also be a form of entertainment and a powerful stress reliever.

Change the interface with over 15 unique aquariums

As a lover of beauty and especially novelty, Water Garden Live Wallpaper is an application that you cannot ignore. Don’t get bored with the available phone settings. Change it regularly to avoid becoming “hooked”. It is interesting how this application offers various live wallpapers with unique 3D designs. There are more than 15 aquariums and 15 backgrounds that can be changed regularly. Most importantly, it has the effect of moving water waves, just like in real life.

Move your fingers to create soft waves

Your “aquarium” will look like a regular photo. But to see true beauty, one must look closely at beauty. The same goes for animated backgrounds in Water Garden Live Wallpaper. To see their uniqueness, we need to dig deeper into how they work. Lightly touch the screen and the part where you want to make waves to create soft waves on the surface of the water with a small action. Soft waves appear in front of you.

All photos are suitable for phone

All live wallpaper themes are “aquariums” with a variety of beautiful koi fish that fit all devices. The wallpaper will continue to be used on your device regardless of which Android system you are using. Install the application and choose your favorite aquarium from more than 15 aquariums here to make your phone background. You can also manually adjust the water waves and colorful carp images to your liking.

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Variety of colorful carp

Seeing fish moving in the background of your phone is a great stress reliever. So you can “breed” expensive Koi on your smartphone without spending silver coins. The user can adjust the fish photo and choose the amount of background image. Water Garden Live Wallpaper also allows you to change the size and color of these beautiful fish.

Build your own aquarium

You can not only beautify your phone, but also create your own aquarium with the application wallpaper. Users can change colors and sizes to customize each tank to their own style. You can also feed the koi and watch the koi play in the water. Feed the fish by tapping the screen or changing the app options.

High quality images suitable for all devices

Finding a live wallpaper that fish lovers will love is not difficult. Choosing a wallpaper for Water Garden Live Wallpaper is the wisest choice ever. Not only for mobile phones, all wallpapers created with this application are also suitable for large screens such as TVs and computers. Most importantly, it ensures clear image quality even when you convert wallpapers from one device to another.

Mod Info:

  • Full/paid features unlocked;
  • Unwanted permissions + recipients + providers + services disabled/removed;
  • Optimized and zip-aligned images and cleaned resources for fast loading;
  • Removed Advertising Permissions/Services/Providers from Android.manifest;
  • Google Play Store installation package check disabled;
  • Debug code removed;
  • Remove the default .source tags name from the corresponding Java files;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
  • Languages: full multi-languages;
  • CPUs:armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86_64;
  • Screen DPIs: 120 dpi, 160 dpi, 240 dpi, 320 dpi, 480 dpi, 640 dpi;
  • Original package signature changed;
  • Released by Balatan.
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To download

Water Garden Live Wallpaper v1.88 [Unlocked] MOT / Mirror

Water Garden Live Wallpaper v1.87 [Unlocked] MOT / Mirror

Water Garden Live Wallpaper v1.84 [Unlocked] MOT / Mirror

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