Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Warframe Mobile () has been working for a long time. It has been confirmed that his TennoCon in 2021 will feature cross-play and progression support. Since then, we made a small update last year to confirm that development is still continuing. Warframe Mobile.Digital Extremes Revealed In Full At His TennoCon 2023 Over The Weekend Warframe Mobile For iOS, it will be released next year and is available for pre-order now on the App Store. Warframe Mobile is a very exciting release as it brings a great game to mobile in full form with optional cross-progression and cross-play. Cross-progression between console and PC versions will be available again this year.See full story Warframe Mobile Part of TennoCon 2023 from the following timestamp (1:03:44):

An official release date has not yet been announced. Warframe Mobile will hit the App Store on February 20, 2024. This should be treated as a placeholder date, but could also be an actual date. This has happened in the past as well.Until then you can book Warframe Mobile Click here for the App Store for iOS. An Android version has not yet been confirmed.check out the official Warframe Mobile The iOS website is here, and the iOS version of the FAQ is here. This is where we talk about controller support and more. Warframe Mobile According to Digital Extremes, gaming on iOS was conceived and developed as an alternative way to play the full game. I can’t wait to play it myself.What do you think so far and would you play warframe On other platforms?

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