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Want to update your iPhone to iOS 17 today? This is why you want to wait

Not everyone needs that download the latest iOS update on their iPhone as soon as Apple makes it available.

Apple announced the release date for iOS 17 during its release date Wonderlust event last week, in addition to the iPhone 15 series, the Apple Watch Series 9 and the second generation Apple Watch Ultra. iOS 17 will be available for everyone with a compatible iPhone today, September 18. But just because it’s released, does that mean you have to install it on your phone?

In this story, I’ll look at a few reasons why you might not want to update to iOS 17 just yet and instead let others try it out.

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Your iPhone’s battery may drain faster than normal

One reason to press pause while downloading? There’s really no single common reason why battery drains right after a major software update like iOS 17, but it happens to some people pretty much every year.

If your battery health level is already poor (Institutions > Battery > Battery status), you may want to hold off on updating to iOS 17 for a while.

Here are a few reasons why iOS 17 can drain your battery:

  • Your phone is working overtime in the background. New features, such as the improved search in Messages or Live Stickers for your photos, may need to index your files to work properly.
  • Your apps do not support iOS 17. Developers are given enough time to update their apps to the latest iPhone software, but if they don’t, the apps can drain more battery due to being outdated.

And of course, there’s always a small chance of software bugs running in the background that can eat up your battery life.

A close-up of a charging cable next to an iPhone Lightning port

You may need to charge your phone more often due to new software.

Stephen Shankland/CNET

Even if you wait for future iOS 17 updates, you may still experience battery drain for the first few days, but that usually goes away once your iPhone finishes the software update.

Your older iPhone can become very slow

Just because your iPhone supports iOS 17 doesn’t necessarily mean that the new operating system will run smoothly on your device. An older iPhone model, such as the iPhone

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You may encounter bugs that can cause problems on your iPhone

No matter how polished a software update may seem, a few bugs will inevitably slip through the cracks. That’s why Apple sometimes releases a “dot update” shortly after a major update, to fix issues such as:

  • Battery draining.
  • Delay.
  • Force close apps.
  • Restart phone.
  • Unusable functions.

If you’re concerned about possible issues like this, it’s best to wait until any major bugs are fixed in the next iOS 17 updates.

You might not get all the new iOS 17 features you want after all

Not every iPhone running iOS 17 will get all the new features, especially older models like the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. Below are some features that aren’t supported on all devices running iOS 17:

  • Hand responses in FaceTime: iPhone 12 and later.
  • FaceTime on Apple TV: iPhone XS/XR and later.
  • Improved autocorrect: iPhone 12 and later.
  • Predictions online as you type: iPhone 12 and later.

If you’re looking forward to any of these features but can’t get them because of your older iPhone, you might want to skip iOS 17.

facetime on tv screen

FaceTime on Apple TV is not supported on all iPhones running iOS 17.

Apple; screenshot by James Martin/CNET

For the most part, you should probably update to iOS 17

Regardless of any hesitations you may have, if you want to jump in, there are plenty of reasons to just go ahead and update to iOS 17. In addition to all the new features you might benefit from, Apple’s major software updates can fix bugs and Resolving problems. other issues in previous iterations.

However, major updates don’t just fix problems, they also bring new privacy and security settings that improve your security and better protect your personal data.

On iOS 17, you have some important privacy and security features to look forward to:

  • Sensitive content warning: You can enable a setting to blur sensitive photos and videos sent to you. This feature works in Messages, AirDrop, Contact Posts, FaceTime Messages, and third-party applications.
  • Enhanced permissions: Applications let you choose which photos to share within the app, while keeping the rest private. An application can also add an event to your calendar without being able to see your other events.
  • Extended Lockdown Mode: The new and improved Lockdown Mode increases security and helps protect you from more advanced cyber attacks. It now even works on your Apple Watch.

Apple security

Apple takes a new approach to security with Lockdown Mode.

James Martin/CNET

And then there are all the new accessibility features, which can be incredibly beneficial for people with disabilities:

  • Personal voice: An AI feature that lets you clone your voice and use it via type-to-speak to communicate with others.
  • Supporting access: Simplifies everything on your phone, making it easier to use.

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