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X, before


‘s, new owner Elon Musk plans to turn his app into what he calls “everything app.” And here’s another step in that direction:


receives voice and video calls. Speculation has been going on about this since the beginning of this month. The same has now been confirmed by Musk.

“Video and audio calls are coming to X,” Musk said. “Works on iOS, Android, Mac and PC; no phone number needed; X is the effective global address book; that set of factors is unique.” he added in the message. This could revolutionize the way we communicate on the platform, Musk said.

Musk had first spoken about the calling functionality on the platform in May of this year. “Soon there will be voice and video chat from your account with anyone on this platform, so you can talk to people anywhere in the world without giving them your phone number,” he had announced in a tweet. Musk has shared his plans to transform Twitter into an “everything app” where users can watch videos, express their thoughts — including in 25,000-character posts, send payments, and more.

Earlier this month, X designer Andrea Conway had hinted much the same in a post. “I just called someone on X,” she posted.

Voice message feature on X currently

Currently X DMs support voice messages, call support (both voice and video) will be a first. Until now, users can have live conversations on the platform through Spaces, a feature that came to the app after the Clubhouse social audio app came to prominence during the Covid-19 times. However, Spaces is an open platform and anyone can join the conversation. It is not intended for one-on-one conversations.

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