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Viber – Safe Chats And Calls is an application that allows you to call and send messages to your friends and acquaintances for free. Many people around the world appreciate the speed of sending short messages and the possibility of clear, loud voice calls. The best part is that it’s completely free to download and use, without having to spend money on complicated shipping costs. If you don’t have money, you can contact the person via Viber.
This is an application that allows you to make video calls with your friends and family for free and faster than ever. Since there are no conversation time limits, the most convenient way to share stories is in a simple chat. Additionally, it should be noted that each of these group conversations can have a maximum of 20 members. It’s important to know this before going to a team meeting.

Enjoy many exciting stories from everyone

In discussions and group meetings, all members like to share their experiences, get enthusiastic and tell many interesting stories that they have experienced. Thanks to such true stories, many life experiences can be learned. You can also use this application to participate in important meetings with many colleagues. Moreover, you will be presented with a lot of exciting quiz questions that will create a relaxing moment full of meaning and memories. Moreover, you can express your emotions freely with various emojis and smiley stickers.

Quickly send messages to anyone

Besides its SMS application on mobile phone, you can also send messages for free from this application. Enter what you want to say to the person you want to send. Moreover, you can send additional photos and stickers to make your conversations richer and more lively, saving them from dull and boring. It is considered as the modern alternative of perfect quality that is trusted and used by all users around the world.

Privacy guarantee for users

This application has an encryption feature that protects and stores all your personal data. All important conversations and information are carefully stored and protected. Other people can’t randomly access your conversations. This encryption key can only be present on your phone so that no one can read your messages or impersonate you to perform illegal activities.

Every conversation in Stickers

Messages offers users more than 55,000 live stickers to display the specific traits of each character. It represents happiness, sadness, anger, love and many other emotions in the most exciting way. There are also many other animated GIFs that exhibit great realism. You should use these features in your messages to keep the conversation fresh and not dry.



Viber v21.1.3.0 Mod Apk / Mirror

Viber v18.7.3.0 Mod Apk / Mirror

Viber v18.0.1.0 Mod Apk / Mirror

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