Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

In a world where only death and taxes are certain, add nextpit’s free apps of the week for iOS and Android to the list. Overwhelmed by choices in the App Stores? Our curated list highlights the top paid apps that are now free for a limited time. Do not miss it!

You may come across interesting apps that you don’t want to pay for. That’s why we searched the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for paid apps that are currently free. These iOS and Android apps are free for a limited time only, and we don’t know when the offers expire.

Please note that we only offer apps rated higher than 3.5 stars. This will be different from our top 5 apps of the week as we review all apps mentioned.

Tip: If you come across an interesting app listed here, but don’t need it right now, we strongly recommend installing it before uninstalling it. This saves the app to your library and installs it later without paying for it, even after the promotion has ended.

Android apps are temporarily available for free

Android apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Blur photo ($2.99): There are times when our phone’s bokeh effect doesn’t work out very well. Perhaps a third-party app can fill this niche?
  • Matrix Determinant Pro ($0.99): Pure math enthusiasts would shun this app which makes solving matrices a breeze. But students might just embrace it.
  • How much can I spend? ($2.99): A tool that helps you manage your finances better by tracking where every penny goes. It only works well if you use it for its intended purpose…
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Android games

  • Mint Princess! ($0.99): Escape hordes of monsters with the knights, with the ultimate goal of defeating the devil.
  • Epic Heroes War bounty ($0.99): A real-time strategy game that involves all kinds of mythology for a truly alien gameplay.
  • Stickman Legends ($0.99): Tons of adrenaline pumping options in this game where you stay alive by defeating your enemies.
  • Shadow of Death: Dark Knight ($3.99): This is a side-scrolling adventure where you fight your way to victory. Choose from 4 characters at the start before starting your adventure.
  • DungeonMon! ($0.99): Everyone likes to kill zombies. You do that, you merge monsters to come up with a new variant and progress. The goal is to ‘unlock’ all available monsters.

iOS apps are temporarily available for free

iOS apps for productivity and lifestyle

  • Calcvier – Keyboard Calculator ($2.99): This is quite an interesting app, where you can turn your keyboard into a calculator, allowing you to calculate math problems while chatting at the same time, without having to switch between apps.
  • BatteryFull + (Alarm) ($0.99): Do you want to extend the battery of your phone as long as possible? This app may be able to help you by playing an alarm when your battery is fully charged so it doesn’t stay plugged in for a second longer than it should.
  • PropFun Pro: Magic Camera ($0.99): This app transforms ordinary photos into fun photos and adds various filters in the form of virtual props.
  • Brushstroke ($5.99): Do you want to get creative? You can turn all your photos into paintings using this app’s algorithm.
  • Obscura – Pro camera ($4.99): A manual camera app that offers a lot more controls for the discerning photographer to get the most out of your iPhone’s camera.
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iOS games

  • My City: Pajama Party ($3.99): A game specially made for kids where characters in the game are deployed in different social settings, such as tea time, barbeque sessions and purchasing items for cosmetic upgrades.
  • DobbyxEscape: adventure story ($1.99): Two escape games in this title that offer plenty of locations to explore. Again, puzzles are an integral part of this game.
  • Man at Arms TD ($4.99): This is a card game, where you need to properly configure your deck to defeat enemies on the map. You can even design your own levels and share them with friends for added replayability.
  • Hidden Objects Ghost Towns ($0.99): Do you love games where you have to tell the difference? Well, this is a variant of that, because you have to hunt for different objects in each level, which offers a lot of fun along the way.

The text suggests starting your weekend with the featured apps and invites readers to share their own favorite app suggestions in the comments.

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