Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
United Kingdom

The UK Conservative government has relaxed planning rules and lifted restrictions that had effectively banned the construction of new onshore wind farms in the UK. The Independent reported: In 2015, then-Prime Minister David Cameron, who was also in the Conservative government, introduced a rule that allowed one challenge to a wind turbine application to block development. This regulation has significantly reduced the number of new turbines granted planning permits. Some Conservatives pressured the current government to overturn the rules. MP Alok Sharma, chairman of the 2021 UN climate change conference and the lobbying leader, said they were “outdated” and “not a sensible way to operate a planning system”.

Officials said on Tuesday that deregulation means that onshore wind projects supported by local residents will be approved more quickly. They said elected local officials have the ability to make final decisions based on the general views of the community, not just a few dissenters. Regions that are pushing for wind turbines in the region will also benefit from cheaper electricity, officials said, adding that such energy discount mechanisms will be considered in the future.

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