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Twilight: blue light filter

Twilight is a blue light filter application that is very helpful in preventing special types of light from affecting your eyes when used for a long time. The worst thing is that if the user is exposed to this kind of light for a long time before going to bed, it can cause a lot of sleep disturbances and affect the nerves of the user. The absolute solution to protect your eyes and sleep well when you are outside.

Automatic brightness adjustment

Twilight’s first feature is the ability to dynamically change the brightness of the device to protect the user’s eyes in moments of danger. This includes changes in brightness when the user is indoors or outdoors, and everything is enough for users to easily monitor, read and use their phones. The application uses a special protocol to detect the user’s environment and always sets the right brightness, even in the brightest corners.

Various light filters for manual adjustment

If the user does not like the automatic brightness correction feature, the application introduces many unique and useful light filters for the device. These filters are sometimes called Sun, Alarm, Custom, and Always. The effects and capabilities of each option are different and varied, and there are also extensive customization options that allow users to change the quality. Plus, constant filter changes make sense and help acclimate your eyes to a variety of friendly, healthy bulbs.

Absolute protection against blue light

Blue light is the most damaging light in low light or at night when the user’s eyes are tired and sensitive. This kind of light is very harmful when used for a long time, but Twilight can reduce that risk. Reduces intensity, protects eyes and helps users sleep better. The application also adds ways to help users sleep better if they are exposed to blue light for long periods of time and are unprotected.

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Plan your profile quickly

A constant control of the light intensity is good for the eye and allows it to adapt more flexibly to all types of light. Therefore, the application has several user profiles that allow you to freely change the usage time and gradually adjust the light even further. Naturally, the profiles are all applied automatically or in real time to the user’s environment, promising to protect the eyes from dangerous light.

Work and sync across platforms

The advantage of Twilight is that it synchronizes all user data and links to other platforms to protect the user’s eyes. This application creates a distracting glare from any source and helps protect the user’s eyes in every detail, at any time and in any place. In addition, many other options have been proposed to change the user experience and screen color while protecting the eyes.

Good advice for a good night’s sleep

In addition to using light to protect the user’s eyes, the application also introduces many useful instructions for a very good night’s sleep. All of this content is aimed at people with a history of sleep problems and neurological effects of long-term exposure to blue light. Fortunately, these tutorials have been revised over time. and is now available to all users.

The beauty of Twilight is its safety, which protects the user’s eyes from prolonged exposure to a variety of complex lights. In addition, many people suffer from insomnia due to prolonged exposure to blue light before going to bed. The app also contains tutorials and content to solve all related issues and improve modern vision.

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