Torrent Pro – Torrent Downloader [Ad Free] 6 (1.5.6)

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Implemented features:
All Torrent Pro features for free
-Torrent Pro is the first Torrent app that offers all professional features for free

Battery saver
-We have implemented a battery saver feature that stops battery draining and also supports multiple features to save battery life, such as downloading torrents only while charging, automatically stopping downloading when battery is low, etc.

WiFi mode only
-Our Torrent client can only download over WiFi depending on your preferences

Automatic shutdown
-We offer you the option to close the app automatically after completing the downloads, saving your phone resources

Dark mode (auto, day, night)
-We support night mode function which supports automatic switching depending on the time

Multi-speed units Kbps, Mbps, KB/s, MB/s
– Our Torrent app shows the speed in Mbps, MB/s leaving it up to the user’s choice

Theme support
-First Torrent app to offer themes where you can change the desired color of the entire app

Built-in player for video/audio preview
-We support built-in player for video/audio preview for your convenience without leaving the torrent app

Default tracker support (where you can add default trackers to all torrents from one place)
-First Torrent client to offer default torrent trackers with server side support, where you can download/add torrent trackers from our servers where we update the theme almost daily. We are the first torrent downloader client to offer this feature which makes our app remains the best Torrent app and also used to download torrents at Turbo Torrent speed

Hide identity option
-Our Torrent app has the ability to hide its identity to some extent. The user agent is reset to an empty string (except for private torrents). Trackers are only used if they use a proxy server. The listening sockets are closed and incoming connections are only accepted via a SOCKS5 or I2P proxy (if a peer proxy is set up and running on the same machine as the tracker proxy)

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Double progress bar
-First Torrent app to offer dual Progressbar support where user can change Circle or Horizontal Progressbar style

UI 3.0
-We have provided a simple and elegant user interface for a friendly user experience

Improved Torrent engine
-We keep our Torrent app up to date, which increases speed and privacy

Torrent search engine
-Our Torrent client has the ability to search torrents from within the app for your convenience (the search will be done outside the app in a browser like other apps for a Web Torrent link)

Support for 27 languages
-Our Torrent app supports 27 languages ​​and we are working to add more languages

Speed ​​and reliability
-You can use as Torrent Movie downloader to download movies torrents/video torrents/games torrents/music torrents etc.

External storage support to download torrent files
-Our Torrent client supports external storage support where you can download Torrent files to external storage (Exprimental Feature)

Custom Torrent Client
-We give you complete freedom to customize the app’s UI and features without any restrictions, you can also do unlimited torrents downloads

  • Supports torrents with large number of files and large files
  • Ability to include/exclude file
  • Ability to create torrents
  • Possibility to download sequentially
  • Support for HTTP\S and magnet links
  • Material design
  • DHT, PeX, encryption, LSD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, µTP
  • IP filtering (eMule dat and PeerGuardian)
  • Proxy support for trackers and peers
  • Ability to move files while downloading
  • Ability to automatically move files to another folder or to an external drive at the end of downloading
  • Tablet optimized user interface
  • The roasting
  • RSS feed manager
  • Support for Android TV
  • Torrent streaming
  • And more
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