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Unlike our weekly recommended list of free apps that we don’t test or install, it’s different here. For the top 5 apps each week, we made sure that all apps were installed and reviewed before giving our seal of approval. Doing it this way gives you peace of mind that what we recommend will help.

We also share relevant information that users need to know before performing the installation. Does this app require an account? Are there any intrusive ads? What is the app’s user interface like? You can make decisions based on That’s all there is to it from us for now, as we’ll go into detail about what these apps are all about.

Henshin Master (Android)

There’s nothing quite like moving into a brand new home while still having the idea of ​​decorating your living space to your liking. With that in mind, Virtual His Home’s digital makeover is not only cheap, it’s free. And it’s fun! Who would have thought Makeover Master works as a home design game with match-3 game elements.

The main idea of ​​this game is solving puzzles. Each puzzle you solve unlocks additional decorations that you can use to spruce up your virtual home to your liking. Of course, home decor isn’t everything because there are many different ways to design a home.

We will be working on various parts, so please take your time and work on it. / © Henshin Master

Personally, I love run-and-gun FPS titles. You don’t even have to have a good story to accompany it. I just want things to explode. However, home he decorators who want their game to have a story won’t be happy because Makeover Master doesn’t allow them to dig deep. Basically, it’s a way to force the story forward.

Henshin Master

How would you like your pool tiles to look? / © Henshin Master

  • price: free / advertisement: yes / In-app purchase: yes / account required: no

If you want to progress faster, there’s the usual “Pay to Progress” model where you put out real money, buy a shot of the proverbial arm, and get something that looks great. Basically, if perseverance is one of your virtues, you can still work through it, but think about the time you spend doing it. All in all, this is not only a pleasant distraction from everyday life, but also a little soothing. If you can’t put nice things in your real home, hey, you can put them in your virtual home.

Based on your current level, select some boosters before the level starts to give you an edge or help you get out of a tight spot. Needless to say, most of us have had the experience of appearing in his three games, and this should be easy. I would have liked to have seen an option to choose a character first, rather than just sticking to carrot top protagonists.

Henshin Master

The puzzle board changes from time to time to increase complexity. / © Henshin Master

Aware: Mindfulness and Wellbeing (Android and iOS)

Let’s be honest: the world isn’t any kinder these days, and the types of media our younger generation consumes are becoming more violent and distorted than they were just a few decades ago. Masu. In fact, mental health problems are a major problem in many countries around the world, affecting all segments of society. Aware is a mindfulness and wellbeing app that aims to bring sanity to people’s reckless lives and can be specifically customized to your needs.

I don’t find my job to be very stressful (Next Pit is a great place to work, the staff are great, and the resident dogs are great!), but using Aware has made me a better person. became. Sometimes I want to make a sarcastic remark, but when I manage to avoid it, I’m pretty stingy.

Top 5 Apps - Recognition

Use “Aware” to breathe easier and think more to love you more. / © Next Pit

  • price: free / advertisement: none / In-app purchase: none / account required: no

You can choose from a variety of sessions led by different trainers listed on the app itself, or you can start your personal journey at your convenience and when you like. You can leave each session whenever you want, so don’t feel bad. Sessions are divided into Dive In, Pure Simple Love and Breathing Anchor.

It’s a free app and there are no paid sessions, so I loved being able to use it without being locked behind a paywall. We hope that new content will be available from time to time and there will be no more paywalls in the future.

LinqiApp: Speak English Freely (Android and iOS)

English, lingua franca All over the world, at least thanks to the Internet, we can easily communicate with each other regardless of nationality or ethnicity. Here are some apps that will help you learn English and improve day by day. LinqiApp is free and with this innovative app you can practice again and again until you get it right.

Top 5 Apps - Linqi

Iron sharpens iron, and apps sharpen humans. Improve your English with this app. / © Next Pit

  • price: free / advertisement: none / In-app purchase: yes / account required: yes

I like how the app tries to figure out your level of English proficiency. First, you’ll need to enter relevant information, such as the type of topic you’re interested in, your age, your proficiency level (or at least your position), and your practice goals. From there, the app will attempt to match you with other users in bands similar to yours.

Top 5 Apps - Linqi

Get hands-on practice by choosing from multiple members with the same skill level as you. / © Next Pit

To practice, connect to someone’s list, call them, and have a real conversation. These people come from all over the world and are rated so you know if you’re a good fit for them (and vice versa). There are also leaderboards to help gamify the entire learning experience. I think it’s very good for those who want to learn English in earnest!

Reflectr AI Journal & Notebook (Android)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could write down your thoughts and save them for posterity? I have my eye on the Millennials and Generation Alphas. With Reflectr you get a cool app where you can actually enter your thoughts for posterity.

Top 5 Apps - Reflectr

See here for differences in AI-generated content. Original post by me on the left, witty output in the middle, professionalism on the right. / © Next Pit

  • price: free / advertisement: yes / In-app purchase: Yes ($0.99/month, $9.99/year) / account required: yes

Additionally, the app has AI features that help you rephrase your thoughts and reframe them based on your choices. You can choose from witty to professional, with unique features like a mood calendar for the more emotional, an easy-to-organize tag system, and a simple user interface.

I think the clean user interface appeals to me the most. It doesn’t have to be shocking, but at least you can add photos wherever you like for more impact. Ads are removed when you pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

Arena Breakout (Android and iOS)

Do you like shooting bad guys to survive? If you answered affirmatively, you’ll love the latest predator shooter game developed by Tencent, the creators of WeChat and PUBG Mobile. Known as Arena Breakout, the combat system isn’t that different from PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile.

All damage you take in-game depends on which part of your body is hit, which ultimately affects gameplay. shot in the leg? Expect to progress at a slower pace. Needless to say, being shot in the head is never a good thing.

  • price: free / advertisement: none / In-app purchase: yes / account required: yes

Whoever sells this game has two different game modes to choose from. Encourage playing as a team and keep this social. Tie the ropes with your gaming buddies and see how your team comes up with the best strategy to grab as much loot as possible.

The graphics are great, and even if you have a mid-range device from 2021 onwards, you’ll be able to enjoy this title with very little lag. The lack of haptic feedback on-screen controls never appealed to me, so I highly recommend playing this with a connected gamepad. Yes I know, I’m old and I just finished Quake II Remastered, so please sue me!

Well, that concludes this week’s top 5 apps article. I hope you found something interesting here this week. If you want to share the app or game with others, leave a note in the comments section. I will be happy to confirm.

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