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Unlike our weekly list of free app suggestions, which is published twice each week, we test every app in our top 5 list before considering a suggestion. In other words, we only hand-pick these app and mobile game recommendations in a way that will help you sleep peacefully at night.

What are some of the important questions we answer here? Do I need an account? Do I have to pay for the app? Are there any annoying ads or in-app purchases to help me improve? Per app suggestion Share all this and include screenshots and videos as well. So without further ado, here are our top five apps of the week.

AI Trip Planner – Orbt (Android and iOS)

While traveling is fun for many of us, there are others who prefer to stay stuck at home. If you love exploring new places and embarking on adventures outside the comfort of your home, why not let Orbt help you? Orbt leverages AI (artificial intelligence) to create itineraries. Acts as a travel planner.

We don’t need another human being to understand this anymore. Save time packing rather than planning. Just fill in the relevant prompts and you’re good to go.

First, you need to enter all the relevant information for Orbt to work… / © nextpit

Orbt should be able to handle all types of itineraries, including number of people, typical budget, and primary areas of interest. The app is free, but if you want to generate trips longer than 4 days, you’ll need to upgrade your account. After all, Orbt packs so many activities into one day’s worth of trips to help you get the most out of your time in each city.

The premium version also includes distance and travel time calculations. Future updates will take into account public transport times and allow you to route the map from one destination to another without having to enter your current location on the map itself. How convenient is that?

  • price: free / advertisement: none / In-app purchases: Yes ($7.99/month, $59.99/year) / account required: yes
This week's top 5 apps: AI travel planner Orbt

…and earn rewards in the form of specially curated itineraries. / ©Next Pit

Dream book and interpretation (Android and iOS)

The song’s lyrics go something like, “Sweet dreams are made of these…” Do you tend to dream a lot? If so, why not embark on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth through the DreamsBook app?

This app claims to provide guidance on dream interpretation and analysis, but I’m somewhat skeptical of such hocus pocus. Still, there has to be some method to that madness, right?

Dreamsbook provides a text area to describe your dream in 250 characters or less. Yes, there’s not much room here to go into more detail, so it’s best to be as descriptive and concise as possible.

It takes a few minutes to generate a dream explanation with some insight (no doubt there’s an AI engine behind it, but it actually doesn’t know who interpreted the dream, how many reviews the interpreter has) A profile will pop up showing your profile).

  • price: free / advertisement: none / In-app purchases: none / account required: none
Top 5 apps of the week: Dreamsbook

Dreamsbook is a fun app to play with and record your dreams. / ©Next Pit

Shoorah: Mental Health and Calm (Android and iOS)

Most of us live in high-pressure environments where so many things and people demand our time, attention, and energy. Shoorah is trying to balance things out using, ironically, the very same device that is the source of so much frustration for so many people: the smartphone. This health app aims to support and nourish your mental health.

Setup is easy. First, choose the type of sound you like the most, then choose at least five areas of interest. These range from weight loss to meditation, finding love, sleep, serenity, health, reliving past traumas, stress reduction, spirituality, and more, among others.

Please note that this is not a complete list. You need to install the app to see everything. Following that, there are areas of focus for the affirmations to choose from (as many as five), along with a number of reminders.

  • price: free / advertisement: no / In-app purchases: Yes ($9.99/month, $39.95/six months, $59.90/year) / account required: yes
Top 5 apps of the week: Shoorah

Shoorah helps you get into a good space in your life to become a better version of yourself. / ©Next Pit

This app provides tools for self-healing. The “Restore” section provides sleep sounds and meditations for relaxation. Use a diary to record your daily thoughts. Enjoy daily Shura affirmations to uplift your mood and motivate you.

Express your gratitude through posts and use the Cleanse feature to clear away unwanted emotions and calm your mind. The Rituals feature helps you establish a daily routine. If you are feeling stressed, it is worth trying this app to relieve stress.

Only those who are serious about making positive changes in their lives will want to unlock all the premium features. Otherwise, it’s enough to try it out and see what the next steps are.

ReciMe: Easy and delicious recipes (Android & iOS)

Good food and great company tend to go hand in hand. After all, what is life without one or the other? For cooking enthusiasts, ReciMe is a highly recommended social platform where you can share, discover, and save recipes from the cooking community.

With this app, you can enjoy a variety of home-cooked recipes. No more searching through cookbooks as the app saves and organizes all your recipes.

You can search for recipes by the type of ingredients used, so even people with strict dietary restrictions can easily search for recipes. Each recipe is accompanied by a mouth-watering photo and shows preparation time, cooking time, and difficulty level.

For me, each new recipe I try tends to take an extra 10-15 minutes because I’m not used to the preparation process.

  • price: free / advertisement: none / In-app purchases: Yes ($4.99/month, $34.99/year) / account required: yes
Top 5 apps of the week: ReciMe

With ReciMe, delicious meals are just a tap away. / ©Next Pit

If you consider yourself a great cook and want to share your grandma’s treasured recipes with the world, you can do that with ReciMe.

List the ingredients, fill out the various steps on how to make it, and accompany it with delicious-looking photos. Other people can rate your recipes just as you can rate other recipes. This app is perfect for people who love cooking and want to try something different instead of being satisfied with the same dish every night.

If you have a favorite cook, you can also follow them and get notified whenever they have a new dish.

Shimasagi: Cute Little Bunnies (Android & iOS)

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend? Are games also on the menu? If so, please pick up “Usagishima”. This is an idle game featuring cute rabbits. With that in mind, what else do you need to know? Fluffy cuteness is sure to relieve stress.

However, what kind of game is this? This is basically another variation of the collection game where you’re on this little island and for some weird reason a bunny comes hopping onto this little island. Your task is to attract more bunnies and make it happen by decorating your island accordingly.

You can already see that there isn’t much stress here, as the pace of the game is very relaxing. Of course, those who want to speed up their work can always enjoy the luxury of in-app purchases.

  • price: free / advertisement: yes / In-app purchases: yes / account required: no

Overall, this game offers a really calming experience, and the music in particular plays an important role in that. The sepia-toned graphics give it a more subdued feel, unlike the colorful presentation of many other games designed to attract children’s attention.

No matter how hard you try, there’s no point in trying to win this game. After all, there is nothing to compete with, so to speak. All in all, it’s a casual game worth spending a relaxing weekend with.

That’s all for today. I’d love to know if you found anything interesting. If you have, please share your app suggestions in the comments.

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