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Today’s best deals on iOS games and apps: Truberbrook, Bridge Constructor, and more

A collection of today’s best iOS game and app deals is now available and below the fold. Be sure to check out the official Leather Link Apple Watch band, Apple’s new 24-inch M3 iMac, and all the other deals you’ll find here. As for the apps, highlight titles include Truberbrook, Bridge Constructor, Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee, Milkmaid of the Milky Way, and Sandbox Planet. Head above the fold to see all of Thursday’s best deals on iOS games and apps.

Best iOS apps and games on sale today:

iOS Universal: Sandbox Planet: free (Regularly $10)

iOS Universal: Rock Note Pro: free (Regularly $10)

iOS Universal: Endless Dungeon: Apogee: 2 dollars (Regularly $8)

iOS Universal: Milkmaid of the Milky Way: 1 dollar (Regularly $4)

iOS Universal: Truverbrook: 2 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: Youtuber Life: Gaming Channel: 4 dollars (Regularly $9)

iOS Universal: Bridge constructor: 1 dollar (usually $2)

iOS universal: synthesizer: 4 dollars (Regularly $8)

iOS universal: Motorsport Manager 4: 4 dollars (Regularly $7)

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The iOS games and apps sale continues:

iOS universal: GTA: Chinatown Wars: free (demo)

***Download and play for up to 30 minutes as a free trial

iOS Universal: GTA: Liberty City Story: free (demo)

***Download and play for up to 30 minutes as a free trial

iOS Universal: Demo: free (usually $2)

iOS Universal: Warlord Classic Strategy: free (Usually $3)

iOS Universal: Area meter GPS area measurement: free (Regularly $4)

iOS universal: Golf peak: 2 dollars (Usually $3)

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iOS universal: Freedom from pain: $3.50 (Regularly $5)

iOS Universal: Underworld Office – Novel Game: 2 dollars (Regularly $5)

iOS universal: Atom RPG: 4 dollars (Regularly $10)

iOS universal: Charter Stone: Digital Edition: 5 dollars (Regularly $10)

iOS universal: Monster expedition: $8 (Regularly $10)

iOS universal: Pure piano: $13 (Regularly $30)

Features of Truver Brook:

Imagine yourself vacationing to Europe in the late 60’s. Now imagine yourself as a young American scientist. Hans Tannhäuser. While you’re at it, remember Truberbruck, a remote village in the German countryside. Because that’s where you end up after you reach the continent. But it doesn’t matter, you won the trip in the lottery! At least, that’s what it looks like. But have no fear. Instead of resting, you might have to save the world…

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