Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg shared a photo on Instagram with “live footage of us building threads for the web.” And now, ZDNet reports that Zuckerberg’s photo is now available on a new threads page on the web.

“As of Thursday, Meta’s new platform will be fully accessible to all users from any computer or desktop browser, Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirmed in a new thread post.”

“Log in using your Instagram account:,” explains the official Threads account. “Scroll down to catch up on the conversation or start a new thread of your own.” Posts can include photos and videos, and you can even reply to and repost other posts. “This is just the beginning. We’re working to bring everything you know and love from mobile to the web. More to come soon.”

Wired claims the move will make Threads “more widely available.”
Given the way we access the internet today, most users will still access it via mobile. But the move to the web is the next step for Meta to create an application sticky enough to kneecap X and divert attention away from Bluesky, Mastodon, Spoutible, Post and other new social apps. .

This is also a way to re-energize users. After a great initial sign-up period in July, Threads usage plummeted. According to new data from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, daily active users have dropped more than 60% from their average in the first week, but have now picked up again. Threads amassed 44 million daily active users during its peak launch, but usage dwindled to his 7 million DAU in late July. As of mid-August, the app had added 11 million DAUs, according to Sensor Tower analysts. But the number of hours spent in apps per active user per day is also declining, the company says.
Calling Threads is a “work in progress” and compatible with the open social networking protocol ActivityPub, Wired says, but that hasn’t happened yet. Also, the app does not currently support direct messages, a popular feature of X. Also, Threads is not available in the European Union due to the regulatory environment. ”

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Their article also shares ideas from data journalist and engineer Surya Mattu. That means using both your device and a social media app like Threads. Implement an “Inspectability API” that ensures transparency‘ allows users to inspect their data and activity in real-time at all times.

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