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This is why your Google Drive app on Android and iOS looks different than before; What has changed?

Google Drive is a popular cloud storage service from the tech giant that is part of the company’s Workspace suite. The tech giant regularly introduces meaningful changes to these apps and services. In the latest update, the company introduced a new homepage interface for its Google Drive app. According to the search leader, the goal is to help smartphone users find files faster.

The updated interface allows users to view more recommended files that they have opened, edited or shared with others in the past. Second, the company is replacing the “Notifications” section next to the “Suggested” tab with “Activity.” This comes after a release on the web platform. This tab allows you to view the status of access requests, approvals, and comments under one roof.

The feature does not require administrative control for deployment. Users do not need to change the settings to enable the feature. If a user does not want to use the home tab, the application will reopen in the last tab used when the app was active. This can range from Shared to Files.

Google Drive home screen (Image: Google)

The changes will be available to Android users starting November 6, where feature visibility may last more than 15 days. In the case of iPhone users, the improvements rolled out on November 10. Feature visibility may last up to 15 days. It is available for all Workspace and personal accounts.

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Related to this, the company also introduced the option to search and add GIFs and stickers directly from Google Slides. Users can go to the ‘Insert’ tab and then click on the ‘Image’ tab to find the function in the submenu. A search bar on the right menu allows users to search for the media and switch between the GIF and stickers. It is available for Workspace and personal accounts.

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Back to Google Drive, the company shared that it will phase out third-party cookies for file downloads starting January 2, 2024. You can read more about the update here.

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