Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Cultured Code adds a much-requested feature to its task management app Things: adjustable text size. As of version 3.18, Things is specifically designed to respond to a range of text sizes without compromising the way information is presented.

The new version of Things does this in part by replacing the app’s iconography with vector graphics that respond fluidly to changing display sizes. A common problem, especially with large text sizes, is that the text is truncated or icons stay at a static size. Cultured Code says it has fine-tuned the layout in Things “so that everything fits together nicely.”

Things 3.18 automatically responds to your system’s text size on iPhone and iPad using Apple’s Dynamic Type feature. This can be adjusted in Settings → Display & Brightness → Text Size, or with the optional dynamic text adjustment in the Control Center. You can also make the text bigger or smaller in Things independent of the system text size via Things Settings → Appearance.

Dynamic Type hasn’t arrived on the Mac yet, but Cultured Code has made Things just as customizable for macOS. Things 3.18 includes 14 different text display formats in Things → Settings → General. Read more about Things on the Cultured Code blog.

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