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iOS 17 is set to release in September with a slew of new features, including an upgrade to Messages, a major upgrade to Autofix, and more. However, there are multiple new iOS 17 features that Apple previewed at his WWDC, but they say they won’t be available until later this year.

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New journal app

According to Apple’s website, iOS 17 has at least three features that won’t be included when the first update is released in September. The first is the highly anticipated Journal app. Apple says the Journal app will give iPhone users new ways to “appreciate life and preserve memories.”

The Journal app in iOS 17 uses machine learning to create suggestions for moments to remember. The app prompts you to write a diary based on photos, music, workouts, and more.

Apple says the new Journal app will be available “later this year,” and won’t be available in the iOS 17 beta.

Upgraded AirDrop feature

iOS 17 includes a number of updates to AirDrop, including the ability to exchange numbers using NameDrop and the ability to start sharing content by simply bringing two devices close together.

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At WWDC, Apple also touted a new AirDrop feature that completes transfers over the Internet. This means that even if you start AirDrop and then move away from the other device, the transfer will continue. “When you leave AirDrop range and both you and the recipient are signed in to iCloud, your AirDrop-shared content will continue to be sent over the Internet securely and in full quality,” explains Apple.

However, this new upgrade for AirDrop transfers won’t be available until “later this year.” Not included in iOS 17 beta.

Collaborative playlists on Apple Music

Last but not least, Apple Music will finally support collaborative playlists with iOS 17 later this year, but the wait isn’t over yet.

With iOS 17, Apple Music lets you invite friends to your playlists. From there, anyone can add to that playlist, reorder songs, delete songs, and even use emojis to react to songs displayed in the now-playing interface.

Support for collaborative playlist creation in Apple Music will not be available starting with iOS 17. Apple says it will be available “later this year.”


Apple currently has no plans to make these three features available in the first version of iOS 17 in September, but plans are always subject to change. At the same time, features currently scheduled to be included in the first iOS 17 release may be delayed. After all, we’re still in the first iOS 17 beta, and Apple still has two months to respond to feedback, make changes, and update timelines.

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Are you running the iOS 17 beta on your iPhone? If so, what’s your favorite new feature? Let us know in the comments.

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