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These AI apps for iOS and Android are available on Alltag

Um Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) is in the past and Monaten a downright Hype-entstanden. For all chatbots that offer ChatGPT for support and discomfort. Mittlerweile-gibt is also a few apps, which use AI for hilarious functions.

Set this up AI-enabled apps for:

  • Otter: iOS and Android
  • Be my eyes: iOS and Android
  • Cut: iOS and Android
  • Socratic: iOS and Android
  • Duolingo: iOS and Android


If Otter trades with an app, so be it Aufbereiten von Unterhaltungen special hat. Konkret can be a man of the online meeting during the previous classroom discussions, conversation discussions and written conversations.

My OtterPilot is the app that supports the smart intelligence and provides a great experience automatically under the Poor. Connected to a Microsoft or Google calendar, the Otter AI allows you to automatically meet in Zoom, Teams or Meet with any part of it.

Do not use the software and Meetings, schreibt Notification or stop Presentations for our party. Brauchen with a short lifespan, the Otter-KI can take a step further Chat Window ask. The Unterstützung of Otter hat has been placed on a stollenprijs. 20.49 Euro per Monat was paid for the subscription.

Otter is free iOS and Android erhaltlich. This complete usage of the App is a subscription from 20.49 Euro per month.

Be my eyes

The Be My Eyes app can be given a name in the last years of your social life. Be My Eyes is possible dazzle and sehhinderten Menschen Unterstützung in Situationen beets, die visual description consume. Here you can see the help you need with Be My Eyes registration when using the app.

Durch die Verfügbarkeit in 185 Sprachen and 150 Ländern It is true that people experience a wonderful world, a meaningful experience. Braucht is a Hilfe at the Benützung one of the Haushaltsgerätes, at Ablesen of digital Anzeigen or at the Bedienung of Verkaufsautomaten, Be My Eyes can be the right Hilfe for Beschreibung vermitteln.

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Neu a Bord ist auch a Künstliche Intelligenz, Be my AI, the visual descriptions can be lovely. One of the AI ​​will help you weld, it’s a lot of fun Send image and assistants. Laut Be My Eyes can make the AI ​​unimportant, avoiding the use of makeup or applying text.

Be My Eyes for free iOS and Android erhaltlich.


The App Snipd is one of the intelligent intelligent functions Podcast player, der aus Podcasts are more than one of the best ways to listen. You can now listen to our favorite podcasts, set up libraries and set up new podcasts with über Snipd. With the Hilfe van KI-Features van Snipd our podcasts are displayed if they are operated in this way, which they may be able to do. How to make a podcast, how to go Highlights during Tippen on the Bildschirm or on the Steuerung-unserer Kopfhörer-stellen.

The KI then reveals the Highlights Zusammenfassungen, go to the Inbox reading messages. Translating the software program will automatically display podcasts, this can be done with more effort. Extra exciting – useful for long podcasts with the WAN show from Linus Tech Tips – is the automatic capitalization and highlight generation.

Cut out the automatic switching on and off and let us immediately make one of the desired jumps. For the AI ​​that is more interesting or more interesting, the Couples have found themselves in trouble again. “Intelligent” components can be used to cut with an offline mode, RSS Unterstützung anyway CarPlay and Android Auto support. Stand hete wird emptlich Engels unterstützt, weitere Sprachen, darunter auch Deutsch, befinden sich aber in Planung. 2 Episodes pro Woche were treated free of charge by Snipd, where he receives the Premium Subscription of 9.99 Euro per month.

Snipd is free for this iOS and Android erhaltlich. This full-fledged use of the App is a subscription from 9.99 Euro per month.

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Google’s own AI hat in the form of a Socratic, sinnvollen pampering foundation. Socratic bezeichnet itself as Lernhelfer, der us bei Loose and savory from Aufgaben unterstützen soll. Socratic can reach a university level which is a Hilfe.

Because Socratic is crazy, it is no longer the case that the app uses the microphone or the room without smartphones. Per Bild or Spracheingabe I can then solve a problem Socratically. Acting is a matter of one thing mathematical problemif our intelligent intelligence no longer exists, say what is notoriously written.

Socratic does not stop at mathematician Rätseln. Biology, Chemistry, Physics anyway US-und World history it cannot be broken down. You may find the app more fun than simple text messages or visualizations, a great representation of the possibilities.

Socratic is free of charge iOS and Android erhaltlich.


One of the most credible Sprachlern apps, Duolingo, has been upgraded to the KI-Zug and has intelligent intelligence for displaying the Sprach horizon. Conkret has Duolingo ein new Subscription, Duolingo Max, with these new KI-Features for free. This app offers 2 new features, which are otherwise free.

Einerseits can chat with an AI, antworten are intended for welding. Verstehen wir die Konjugation eines Verbs beispielsweise nicht, können wir Duolingo jederzeit in einer Unterhaltung dazu befragen. We continue with the AI ​​role play. Here you can roll in roles and with Duolingo’s AI Führen conversations.

That AI gives us an idea of ​​the rest of the tipps, what our etwas is better ausdrücken or natural blades. Derzeit finds the rollout of Duolingo Max in small Wellen-statt and is suitable for French and Spanish (with Main English) languages. The subscription comes with a discount of 14 euros per month in the annual subscription.

Duolingo is free for iOS and Android erhaltlich. If you submit the application for an application, there is a discount of 14 Euro per month.

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