Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 update will not immediately include all announced features. Scheduled for release on September 18 for iPhone models XS and newer, some key components will be delayed for later versions such as iOS 17.1 or 17.2. While the tech giant has been testing both internally, iOS 17.1 is expected to debut in the coming months, Apple Hub on X (formerly Twitter) reported.

Features that won’t be available as part of the upcoming software update on September 18 include the Journal app. The app aims to provide iPhone users with a comprehensive platform to capture their daily experiences and memories. This goes beyond just text input as it allows for the inclusion of photos, music and audio recordings. The Journal app even makes customized suggestions based on the user’s recent activity on the device.

On the entertainment front, Apple Music users will soon enjoy a Collaborative Playlists feature. This feature, which is not part of the September 18 update, allows multiple users to collaboratively add, reorder, and delete songs in a shared playlist. It’s a shift toward making the Apple Music experience more social and interactive.

There is also a functional improvement in the pipeline for the AirDrop service. After the update coming later in 2023, content transfer via AirDrop will no longer be limited to physical proximity. As long as both the sender and recipient are signed into an iCloud account, transfers can continue over the internet even if the devices move out of AirDrop range.

More iOS 17 features are coming

More iOS 17 features are coming later in 2023. According to MacRumors, these include varied features such as the ability to respond to messages with any sticker via the Tapback menu and a catch-up arrow for group conversations in the Messages app.

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Additional elements range from a Favorite Songs playlist in the Music app to intelligent form detection for PDFs. Apple Fitness+ will also get an “Audio Focus” feature, which will allow users to prioritize the music or trainer’s voice, according to MacRumors.

In terms of login convenience, it will soon be possible to log in with an Apple ID using a trusted iPhone or iPad when setting up a new Apple device, the report said.

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