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The FBI has seized New York Mayor Eric Adams’ phones and iPad during a fundraising investigation

NEW YORK — FBI agents have seized New York Mayor Eric Adams’ iPhones and iPad in what appears to be part of a corruption investigation into campaign fundraising.

The seizure took place on Monday evening. The FBI approached the mayor on the street, asked his security to step aside and confiscated two iPhones and an iPad. A few days later they were returned.

Adams’ campaign attorney Boyd Johnson issued the following statement, which appears to raise questions about the involvement of anyone else close to him in some form of impropriety:

“After learning of the federal investigation, it was discovered that an individual had recently acted inappropriately. In the spirit of transparency and cooperation, this behavior was immediately and proactively reported to investigators. The mayor has committed to cooperate in this matter and continues to do so. On Monday evening, the FBI approached the mayor after an event. The mayor immediately complied with the FBI’s request and provided them with electronic devices. The mayor has not been accused of any wrongdoing and continues to cooperate with the investigation.”

On Wednesday, during his weekly meeting with reporters, Adams was mainly asked about the bewilderment FBI raid on his chief fundraiser’s home Briana Suggs. The mayor did not disclose that he had been contacted by FBI agents who had seized his electronic devices two days earlier.

Sources told CBS New York political reporter Marcia Kramer that the information Adams’ lawyers turned over to investigators did not pertain to Suggs, but to someone else in the mayor’s inner circle.

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Sources declined to characterize the person, but it was believed that information about him was on one of the mayor’s devices, which was apparently returned to him after a few days.

An FBI spokesperson declined to comment.

Watch Marcia Kramer’s report

Mayor Eric Adams’ Phones and iPad Seized by FBI During Fundraising Investigation


“What this does is lay the groundwork for a significant thickening of the conspiracy regarding the mayor’s involvement,” Kean University Provost David Birdsell told CBS New York.

Birdsell says that while there is no blame, this certainly raises the stakes for the mayor.

“Until now, no one had made any accusations about the mayor’s involvement in the possible alleged fundraising from foreign sources, in this case Turkish sources, but now they are confiscating his devices,” he said.

And what exactly was the FBI looking for?

“You will find text messages. You will find emails. And just as importantly, you will find evidence of when calls were made or received and who made or received those calls,” said former U.S. Attorney Zachary Carter.

The mayor explained in his own statement: “As a former member of law enforcement, I expect all of my employees to follow the law and cooperate fully with any type of investigation – and I will continue to do so. hide.”

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