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The Apple Music Classical app arrives (finally) on the iPad

Après plusieurs mois d’attente, the Apple Music Classical service is available on the iPad!

Classic Apple Music

Apple Music classic on the iPad!

Little nouveauté and cette fin de matinee! Apple offers an Apple Music Classic application on the iPad in the App Store and ensures the availability of the iPhone and Android for the app porter on the iPad.

La version 1.1 of the application Apple has developed an interface specific to the large iPad computer, with lateral navigation and multimedia commands on the base of the computer.

The Apple Music Classical app arrives (finally) on the iPad

Comment profiter d’Apple Music Classical ?

Give Cupertino an indication of the conditions for benefiting from its new service. An Apple Music subscription (Individual, Etudiant, Family or Apple One) may be required. If you want to charge the phone, you don’t need to use the device.

It is possible to use an iPhone with at least iOS 15.4 or an ultimate version and maintenance of an iPad. Give it a moment, aucune version for Mac, no encore available. The meme, There is no question yet about CarPlay integration and it is good! We know that it is impossible to charge morceaux on the outdoor connection (but the higher speed) and that an internet connection is required.

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