Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
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Texpand provides a fast typing and storage system for creating popular dictionaries that appear regularly on your device. Familiar content-related suggestions, a fresher way for abbreviated and faster input of any text in any background app – support for various text editing tools, orderly arrangement of various information. The new version has been updated with new languages ​​and fixed some bugs.

Beware of friendly phrases

Texpand is available on all devices and creates different shortcuts for all commonly used phrases in your documents. Known phrases are stored in the system and displayed for different choices as you type. As you type the first letter, you will always see several suggestions, prioritizing frequently used phrases.

Multiple keyboards supported

You don’t need to worry about keyboard issues as different types of keyboards are supported. Fast text input is partly supported by keyboard special effects! Switch flexibly between the keyboards to find the one that suits you best.

Personalize text features

If it is supported by Texpand, it doesn’t matter if you enter the wrong information. Use virtual backspace to undo any action you’ve taken on a document. Support paste time like date and time to save to clipboard for later manipulation, to quickly mark the time to capture text. Back up all your content for faster recovery. Frequently used words have a separate table that is sorted by frequency. If you find light mode difficult to use, switch to dark mode to protect your eyes.

Better performance with premium version

Hotkey storage extension is part of Texpand’s extensions. If relevant information is available, make a list to make selection easier. Synchronization is done so that users can quickly enter text from Google Drive into the blank information table. Related tasks will be released soon to enable other content.

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Start by creating a table

MMOTexpand speeds up typing in any situation by providing different keyboard shortcuts for your content. Faster synchronization and backup, support for all writing boards and fastest viewing of all documents. Experience it and leave your opinion below. We need them to complete the updated version!

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Texpand – Text Expander v2.3.0 Premium APK / Mirror

Texpand – Text Expander v2.2.8 Premium APK / Mirror

Texpand – Text Expander v2.2.7 Premium APK / Mirror

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