The Tesla app for iOS got official support for Apple Shortcuts in its latest update, version 4.24.

Tesla app update now supports over 20 shortcut actions, allowing users to quickly access many vehicle features, issue commands with Siri, create automations, and combine actions You will be able to create complex workflows. For example, a user can set an automation to turn on the climate control at a certain time every day under certain conditions by simply commanding “Siri” to lock the vehicle. Full list of shortcut actions currently supported by the Tesla app (via) not a tesla app) are as follows:

  • bioweapon defense mode
  • camp mode
  • unzip
  • dog mode
  • prerequisite vehicle
  • Seat heating settings (seat position and heat level)
  • Temperature setting (choose climate temperature)
  • ventilation window
  • Set media volume
  • Emission test
  • close all windows
  • Flashlight
  • horn horn
  • lock unlock
  • open flank
  • Opening and closing the charging port
  • Opening and closing door (model X)
  • Rear trunk opening and closing
  • sentry mode
  • Set charge limit
  • Start/stop charging

Each action is automatically added to the Shortcuts app so users can access it via a tap, widget, or “Siri” command without having to create one. Version 4.24 of the Tesla app is now available.

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