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Are you afraid of losing your data? Is your device running out of space? Super Backup and Restore can help you solve these problems. This application allows you to save, quickly find and restore your data. Install now so you don’t have to worry about data loss anymore. This is a backup and restore tool for Android.

Super Backup and Restore is the app your Android device has been waiting for. This is an application available only for Android and not available for other operating systems. You don’t have to worry about deleting the wrong data or data disappearing automatically because the application is a second storage that allows you to save everything. Saving also saves you storage space and you don’t have to worry about all the storage space cluttering your device.

In addition to making a backup, you can also quickly restore your data. I need to find and save missing data on my device. If there is an application that can guarantee data security and the safety of phone users, do not hesitate and install it now.

Back up different types of data

Super Backup and Restore is a smart backup application with many unique features. Various types of data can be backed up. B. Backup apps, contacts, SMS, call history, etc. Many people think that saving this data is not necessary, but you might need it someday, so start saving now and use it later.

No one remembers everything in this life. Hundreds of contacts, hundreds of text messages, and hundreds of phone calls can’t be remembered, but if you save them all, you won’t have to store too much anymore. Keeping all records is like recording our lives, but many people ignore it until now. You will regret it if you lose your precious data.

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Plan your application so it works

No more wasting time on backups, Super Backup and Restore does it all for you, no more hassle. The user can manually schedule the application to perform automatic saving, and when there is new data, it will perform the operation on behalf of the user.

Sometimes you forget or miss important data to save but don’t worry because this application works automatically. However, there are some caveats. Using Task Killer or Memory Clear can automatically disable your backup application. Install them so they don’t check this backup application.

Can record conversations

An important feature of this application that should not be overlooked is the recording of conversations. Call recording helps you discover what’s important in your conversations with others. Conversations are easy to forget, but this app keeps them all. However, since this is something that many people don’t like, it can be set to prevent recording.

In life there are many things you need to remember. Super Backup and Restore was born with a task as a second reminder to save all data. Backup is very important because it makes your data more secure. If you lose your phone, you can find it elsewhere. Protect your data and life with this app.


Super backup and recovery


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