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Flowx clearly displays important weather information in maps and graphs. The maps that users receive are completely tangible and interactive according to their preferences and these maps change mainly depending on the desired weather phenomenon. At the same time, the graphs show a clear change in the weather for the coming days, which can be seen on the widget.

Weather forecast with illustrated map

If users are looking for an application that can clearly display weather changes, they can use Flowx. Users can find the most popular weather-related stats in this app, with a map on half the screen. At the same time, the map becomes an interactive map that displays weather history, engages the user and explains the parameters received.

Easy interaction with cards

One of the interesting things about this map in Flowx is that you can ultimately manipulate it in any way you want. You can tap and swipe to move to another area, and of course the weather is completely different in each area. At the same time, weather elements are represented by different colors, each of which corresponds to a type of phenomenon.

Different types of cards with different information

The user can find the wind direction and many other phenomena on the screen with his Flowx. Specifically, users can see a map with lots of blue to represent waves. With the help of a map that informs you about each natural phenomenon, users can find suitable locations for the different activities they desire.

Take weather-related data into account

In addition to maps, images showing weather changes in the coming days are also elements that users should pay attention to. Instead of tracking and comparing parameters, you can view graphs to see the rise and fall of each parameter. Application data can also be viewed directly within the application or via widgets that the user sets on the home screen.


Downloads: PRO Features Unlocked | Map radar works

Flowx v3.406 [Pro] [Mod Extra] / Mirror

Flowx v3.404 Pro [Mod Extra] / Mirror

Flowx v3.400 [Pro] [Mod Extra] / Mirror

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