Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
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Stickman Hunter Story – When Satan came back to life, darkness covered the entire world, the demon’s army returned and destroyed everything. Under his cruelty, nothing lasted, humanity was engulfed by the day of judgment. In the northeast of the Maika Empire lay the village of Arvila – the village of warriors where a young man was born on a mission to destroy Satan and his army and save the world.

In shadow battles, Stickman Warriors are on a journey to conquer the dark world in this dangerously exciting Hack N Slash game packed with many swords, weapons and skills. Stickman Warriors can master the sword game with your precise controls and skills to use the right weapons at the right time. Do you have the drive, courage and passion to help our Stickman Warriors and master this Stickman battle!

In League of Stickman, each Stickman must fight against the dangerous creatures that constantly attack him. Whenever you want to hack them, slash them or hack and chop them, use the awesome controls on the bottom right to kill or avoid being killed. He is an insanely tough fight all the time and if you show great skills you can make your stick hero really powerful. In Survival of the fittest you are an Iron Knight full of rage, a greatest hero of all time, so use your skills very carefully and try not to be hit hard by the monsters and his magical legion.

With 20 skills full of magic and power, including static skills and dynamic skills, Stickman Fighter will be a very powerful warrior. Make your Stickman Hero strong, make him strong with more power skills and many choices, but be wise because you can choose from two branches.

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There are different Stickman Heroes, the one that moves smoothly, the one with a powerful hammer, and so on. Remember that attack, defense and hp are very important in how well Stickman Revenge can deal with the enemies. Moreover, you can upgrade or even buy more gems, stamina, gold and unique skins for your own fighter. Skills help Stickman increase their power many times and wipe out the enemies. Your warrior can also use special Stickman skills to destroy the monster faster, such as Stickman Gun, Stickman Fighting…

There are rankings to make things more interesting and fun. Take your Stick War to the top by fighting in a smart and skillful way. Make friends all over the world and compete as your Ninja Warrior with your friends.

This is one of the best Hack and Slash games. Enjoy using the multiple upgrades in Stickman Games that will make the Stickman Hero amazingly powerful. Some creatures are extremely dangerous and your Stickman will need more powerful weapons than the starting weapons. Upgrade attack, armor, health and critical. Your skills are also important to help Stickman get revenge on every level!

You will be amazed by the graphics and sound effects. We have prepared something very wonderful! Additionally, the Stickman can perform insane, powerful magic. In addition, at the end of each level there is a slow motion that will completely amaze you. Stickman Warriors will be the coolest ever. Make clever use of the controls for Stickman Fighting with maximum effect!

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∙ ultra-stunning graphics
∙simple operation
∙ability to upgrade the Stick War
∙worldwide rankings
∙ability to scale up the levels of the Stickman
∙ exciting sound effects
∙slow motion ending

Stickman fight is an unforgettable experience. The Stickman Games require highly professional skills in killing games. Will you help the Ninja in his fights and murders against the fearful enemies?

Download STICKMAN LEGENDS: SHADOW WARS- League of Stickman and rate 5* if you like this Stickman Warriors!


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