Square Home Launcher MOD APK (Premium) 3.0.0

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Square Home – Launcher: Windows Style is an application that really makes your phone perfect. This is the right application if you feel like your phone isn’t really doing what it shows on the screen. This application allows you to drastically change the way you see and use your main screen.

Bring back the metro style to your phone’s interface

If you really feel that your Android phone’s interface is boring, this is a great solution to solve it. Square Home can help you solve your interface problems very quickly and easily. And with this application you will feel like the familiar metro style is back on your phone.

Family swipes

This app not only brings back familiar styles, but also helps you completely change the way you use your phone. Experience a special experience that only previous phones with Windows operating systems had. Operations such as vertical scrolling of pages and horizontal scrolling from page to page are used in very useful ways.

Quick access to contacts

If you can also access your contacts on your current phone, you have a lot to do. So if you use the application to switch phones, it also supports function keys for easy access to your contacts.

Beautiful grid effect

Without a doubt, one of the important things that previous mobile phones had to do to accommodate the Windows operating system was the main interface of the phone. For example, with this application you will receive notifications on your phone about enchanting squares. Your phone supports a continuous square interface. And these squares bring different functions and tasks that you can use.

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Customize the interface

Undoubtedly, the most notable feature of this type of interface that allows users to stand out is its personalization feature. Square Home also makes this feature available to app users. Users can make many built-in adjustments to perfectly meet their needs.


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