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Spotify Music Premium

Spotify is now one of the world’s largest free music platforms, offering a large number of songs, authors, albums, playlists and more to diversify your discoveries. It also has endless integration and extensive links to all social networks and platforms, allowing users to share their playlists with friends and the world. As if that weren’t enough, the song recommendation system is also remarkably modern and promises to direct users to new content in their favorite genres.

Innovative and intuitive interface

Spotify’s user interface has a delicate and flexible design that can be minimized to a notification bar for easy operation while listening to music. Not only that, but the homepage is where you can find the latest content from around the world, including playlists and other users’ favorites. The homepage also has some attractive and user-friendly layouts that make it easy for users to navigate through all the features and find music.

The best and absolute music listening experience

This app is also called one of the most famous and amazing music players as it offers an exotic and mesmerizing music listening experience. Prioritize convenience and flexibility so you can navigate playlists and music while listening quickly. Users can also listen to music online or offline and have it running in the background while doing other things. The filter functionality is versatile and advanced, providing users with a wide range of trending genres. Not only that, but users can also search on any keyword and see all relevant or irrelevant results to broaden their discovery. Scrolling through the home page, there is also a bookmark option to add directly to playlists and more.

Personalize your playlists

playlists are also the pinnacle of pride for this app as users can share or publish all their playlists on their social networks. In addition, through this application, people can discover and listen to other people’s playlists, broadening the connections between people with similar interests. Playlist customization is also impressive, giving users the freedom to create a variety of unique and new content.

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Discover new artist

Spotify is a free music platform where you can freely share your latest songs. This gives every new artist a chance to become famous and connect with fans through their creative and amazing songs. Therefore, the Discover New Artists feature helps guide users to new talents in the music world and admire all the masterpieces.

Free podcast streaming

Besides music, podcasts are a popular platform where celebrities reference conversations on a variety of content and topics. Fortunately, the application has a neat organization and many exciting categories and genres for users to enjoy all the podcast content to their heart’s content. Of course, managing the podcasts you follow is also a piece of cake for any user.

Spotify is the largest and most widely used music player, it is also a new opportunity and opportunity for users to discover tons of new songs never heard before. Whatever genre the song belongs to, it will suit everyone thanks to the app’s top-notch music recommendation system.

Spotify Mod Features:

  • Next track unlocked;
  • Unlocked previous song;
  • Unlocked Looking for FWD/BWD
  • Unlocked/able to select all songs and albums
  • Unlocked Repeat once/all;
  • unlocked shuffle;
  • Disabled Force shuffle;
  • Unlocked Spotify Connect (Premium Bypass);
  • Unlocked on-demand sharing;
  • Share unlocked canvas;
  • unlocked speech function;
  • unlocked volume control;
  • Unlocked Animated Heart;
  • Unlocked lyrics sharing (only works in supported countries);
  • Unlocked storylines;
  • Unlocked sing-along (only works in supported countries);
  • Unlocked user playlist annotation (new feature);
  • Unlocked tracking feed;
  • Unlocked Editorial Mode;
  • Unlocked full screen stories;
  • Unlocked Facebook login;
  • Disabled audio ads;
  • Disabled video ads;
  • disabled visual ads;
  • Disabled third-party advertisements;
  • Languages: full multi-languages;
  • CPUs:armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a;
  • Screen DPIs: 160 dpi, 240 dpi, 320 dpi, 480 dpi, 640 dpi;
  • Original package signature changed;
  • Published by MrDude & xC3FFF0E & Sherlock.

Spotify MOD Lite Features:

  • Based on standard Mod version xC3FFF0E and mrdude;
  • Optimized and zip-aligned images and cleaned up resources for fast loading – [27.5 Mb total apk size];
  • Unwanted permissions + recipients + providers + services disabled / removed;
  • Removed Advertising Permissions/Services/Providers from Android.manifest;
  • Advertising links removed and calling methods destroyed;
  • Ad format visibility disabled;
  • Checking installation packages for Google Play Store disabled;
  • Debug code removed;
  • Remove the default .source tag name from the corresponding Java files;
  • Ultra-compression packaging for small format;
  • Analytics/Crashlytics/Firebase disabled;
  • Native crashlytics completely removed;
  • Native comscore completely removed;
  • No active trackers or ads;
  • Languages: En, Ru;
  • CPUs:armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a;
  • Screen DPIs: 160 dpi, 240 dpi, 320 dpi, 480 dpi, 640 dpi;
  • Original package signature changed;
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Remark: Some server features require a paid subscription.

How to install ?

  1. Uninstall an earlier version of Spotify Music (skip if not installed)
  2. Download and install MOD APK from the links below.
  3. Done, enjoy Spotify Premium 🙂

Having trouble logging into Facebook?

  1. Delete/deactivate your Facebook app
  2. Login with Facebook
  3. Finished! Reinstall your Facebook app if you wish.

Also download: Songlytics for Spotify v2.1.24 [Mod Ad-Free] [Latest]


For people getting this: This password is incorrect – install the Playstore version – create a new account, verify your email address – uninstall the Playstore version and install V2 mod.

You can transfer playlists for free through the ‘tunemymusic’ website or any of the other sites that allow you to do so.

Other people with older accounts that can log in just fine should use the V1 mod.


Download links:

Spotify Premium APK v8.8.64.554 armeabi-v7a Latest MOD/Mirror

Spotify Premium APK v8.8.64.554 arm64-v8a Latest MOD/Mirror

Spotify Premium APK v8.8.0.347 Latest armeabi-v7a MOD Lite/Mirror

Spotify Premium APK v8.8.0.347 Latest arm64-v8a MOD Lite/Mirror

Older version

Spotify Premium APK v8.8.56.538 armeabi-v7a Latest MOD/Mirror

Spotify Premium APK v8.8.56.538 arm64-v8a Latest MOD/Mirror

Spotify Premium APK v8.7.30.1221 Latest armeabi-v7a MOD Lite/Mirror

Spotify Premium APK v8.7.30.1221 Latest arm64-v8a MOD Lite/Mirror

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