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Soul browser

Soul Browser is known as a tool to help you access the web browser more easily with many good features. It could be the ability to clean data to make it cleaner or control things with gestures.

Soul Browser offers you many powerful and useful features that make your journey of discovering information on the internet easier than ever. There was never a built-in PDF viewer when opening the browser, but now things are different; Apart from being viewed and saved in PDF format, the image format is also considered a special feature of ours, just for you.

Paradise for cleaning junk data and viruses

When using Soul Browser, users never have to worry about memory overflow or data intrusion with malicious viruses. The Clean Mode feature is available, which is considered a browser-optimized cleaning paradise to help users feel more secure than ever.

Ability to download multiple videos at once

It doesn’t stop there, this app also offers other great features. Specifically, a unique function is added in addition to the usual functions when opening videos. If you normally can only pause or download one video, now we let you download multiple videos at once in a staggering amount of time without waiting. Not only that, this application also allows users to control with extremely convenient gestures i.e. repeat mode and PIP mode,

Safe in incognito mode

In addition, if you want to go to the browser without revealing your identity and the address to which you have access, do not hesitate any longer and immediately opt for Soul Browser. This place opens the door to a very unique and completely secure incognito mode. Users can easily trust and ensure their privacy without fear of your confidential information being seen or discovered. Even personal information, access history or even download history is noted.

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Dark mode to protect bright eyes

In addition, we pay a lot of attention to the health of your eyes, so we came up with a dark theme to best protect users’ windows to the soul. Users can freely choose to enable dark mode or not depending on their needs.

Enjoy audio content

Not only that, this app also gives you a top-notch text-to-speech feature. Now you can enjoy natural sounding content as a well-played playback assistant. All text is converted into audio with just one touch, saving you a lot of time. This feature is particularly useful for unlucky blind people.

Convert text to image format

Soul Browser also takes you by surprise when it launches the feature to display browser content in the form of images. Users can convert content into images as if you were reading a book, and this promises to be one of the most enjoyable experiences for you. In addition, when it comes to images, we provide an excellent image backup and management feature. Users can store multiple images at once and manage them by category, making them very easy to find when needed. Even if the font system is displayed in front of the user’s eyes, you can freely adjust the font, font size and even color.

  • An application that allows you to clean your browser and prevent the entry of harmful viruses.
  • Provides a free experience with browser content privacy and incognito mode.
  • Saving images and downloading videos once is very data-intensive, but very fast.
  • Display content with image format instead of text like reading a book.
  • By using text-to-speech you save time recording data.
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What’s new:
⭐ Code optimized

Super Clone MOD:

● Removed/Disabled:
• advertisement;
• analysis;
• trackers;
• logging;
• receivers;
• debugging information;
• autorun;
• billing services;
• wake lock;
• automatic start.
● Remnants of splits removed.
● Languages ​​Russian, Ukrainian and English.
● Changed the size of small and large icons on the home page.
● Removed transparent background from small icons and folders.
● For compactness, the distance between icons/folders has been reduced and the grid has been aligned to the home page.
● Disabled ‘sleep mode’ of the audio player when the screen is off.
● Removed the ‘Buy’ icon in the news.
● Removed ‘unnecessary’ items in settings: ‘Purchases’, ‘Rate app’, ‘Recommend to a friend’, ‘Send feedback’.
● Optimization/ZipAlign applied.
● Liby to download torrents links.
● Replace the icon with the old one.
● Changed name to Браузер Soul Clone.
● Package name changed to com.mycompany.appp.soulbrowser.
It is installed in parallel with the original browser.
● After shutdown, it does not hang in active or background processes.

Mod Info:
mod 1:
– Unlocked paid features
– Doesn’t keep device awake after shutdown (WAKE_LOCK permission removed)
– Unnecessary recipients / activities / trackers / alarms / metadata etc. removed from the manifest.

mode 2:
– Based on Mod 1
– Location and audio permissions removed

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To download

Soul Browser v1.3.63 APK [Mod] / Mirror

Older version

Soul Browser v1.3.62 APK [Mod 1] / Mirror

Soul Browser v1.3.62 APK [Mod 2] / Mirror

Soul Browser v1.3.60 APK [Mod 1] / Mirror

Soul Browser v1.3.60 APK [Mod 2] / Mirror

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