Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

What are Connections?
Connections offers a unique puzzle challenge that tests players’ wits, vocabulary and creativity. How do you play? You will be shown 16 words. Your mission? Identify the hidden relationship and organize them into four different groups of four. The four category colors are yellow (the simplest), green, blue and purple (the most difficult). But be careful: players only have four chances to solve the puzzle before it’s all over.

The beta version of Connections launched on June 12. Since then, the daily puzzle game, created by the Games team, with content edited daily by Wyna Liu, has attracted a devoted following with its delightful and addictive gameplay.

Connections, the most successful launch of any game we’ve developed in-house since Mini Crossword in 2014, is now our second most played game after Wordle. More than half of all new users who come to New York Times Games through social channels come to Connections. People enjoy Connections so much that about 9 out of 10 attempts each day complete the puzzle, either by running out of guesses or by solving the puzzle.

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