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Solid Explorer is perfect for those looking for an efficient file management application. Users can experience new rooms, great features and new content in major updates.

Solid Explorer offers easier file management with just one app. Users may collect information related to downloading or creating new files. The interface allows you to enter basic information, design your own space, and quickly document your storage layout. A special type of encryption developed by the system helps adequately protect your information. Moreover, users can easily proceed if they want to backup file information to a new address.

Solid Explorer File Manager


To provide a better user experience, Solid Explorer regularly reviews file creation feedback and makes many important improvements. First, you can sign up for Dropbox directly without any hassle. A bug that interrupts map and file uploads has been fixed. Then you can detect what restarted in your client application. Many files saved with special characters are now easily searchable after deletion and editing. Finally, the expected changes increase the improvement of OneDrive uploads and the need to improve a bottleneck process as well.


Users experience a robust file explorer with the key features of a file manager. This feature allows you to replace fixed layout charts with spaces that are convenient for you to work with. The new layout also sparks interest in boring work-related content. This is an interface that you can customize based on the information you want to store. Saved files are categorized by content, topic, or importance to your work or life.

Solid Explorer File Manager apk


The facts stored in Solid Explorer in the form of documents can be strictly controlled to increase the security level of the key. Some commands allow you to code and efficiently manage the amount of facts in the report. In addition to the advent of encryption commands, customers can effortlessly install codes and passwords and enter them every time they want to access the facts with the application.

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We have improved the experience of this activity by increasing the number of keys and adapting them to your needs. According to that tradition, a combination lock or a string lock would be the preferred pattern. Fingerprint or facial recognition templates are considered the latest changes to keep up with trends and be easy to use.


The scope of the application’s control, which is considered one of the best features of the application, is presented here in detail. If all your information was previously stored in the cloud or on a network hard drive, you have more options. This shows that a large amount of system management comes from items stored in intermediate or permanently connected resources. Thanks to these great features, you can access information resources stored anywhere, even outside your application.

This is also why you can easily backup moved files to a new location. A high level of comfort and application will ensure that the system becomes even more acceptable in the future.

Solid Explorer File Manager pro


Solid Explorer takes old, traditional storage methods and updates them, making your file storage space the perfect place to store all your information. Different formats are introduced to determine how file size affects the space it is placed in. However, we continue to welcome reviews and improve the user experience with special updates. Many great lessons about file management are learned from each observation. The next big change could be a trend to watch in the near future. Download them and experience them!

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  • The content offered is about storing files and managing basic information about users, provided in one application. Stay safe and enjoy your safe time.
  • Find out many changes in the updated version released by the system. With long-term launch and review data, you can effectively improve your app’s performance.
  • Add multiple new files in the same space without having to worry about reordering or editing. Users can freely store and organize the necessary information in multiple folders for better management.
  • Considering security risks, we are building a secure code system that gives users greater peace of mind when storing files. Different types of passwords are used, so you can adjust your selection accordingly.
  • Other activities are recorded during the experience. B. Management of all files stored in the cloud or network hard drives. Accepts file move operations.



Solid Explorer File Manager FULL v2.8.37 [Unlocked] / Mirror

Solid Explorer File Manager FULL v2.8.34 build 200271 APK [Unlocked] / Mirror

Solid Explorer File Manager FULL v2.8.33 build 200270 APK [Unlocked] / Mirror

Plugins for Solid Explorer: USB OTG Plugin v1.0.6 | FTP server v1.0 | MEGA v1.0.3 | Cast v1.0 | Clouddrive and S3 v1.0.0

Solid Explorer File Manager v2.3.7 build 200129 / Mirror

Plugins for Solid Explorer: USB OTG Plugin v1.0.6 | FTP server v1.2.2 | MEGAv1.0.4 | Cast v1.0 | Clouddrive and S3 v1.0.2

File Solid Explorer Plugins / Mirror

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