Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

silent camera [High Quality]

We introduce you to our new silent camera. Users can take pictures freely without generating any noise, and a lot of fascinating things are waiting for everyone.

Users are uncomfortable with the noise emitted while we shoot, right? Then Silent Camera is an ideal choice; customers can rest assured that they can take pictures at any time without making any noise. This is a brand new image software that allows customers to take sharp photos. A collection of useful features, including having a strong influence on customers at all times. Let the software do the latest exciting things for you.

No sound off

Users are unlikely to come across noise-free photographic devices. However, silent cameras meet the user’s need to make no sound when taking pictures, avoid the eyes of those around them and allow them to take the pictures they want.

First school quota

The application has an exciting snapshot feature that has been updated and more groundbreaking. Hold for a few seconds. Choose from dozens of photos. The ability to take snapshots brings exciting moments and saves a lot of impressive photos, from which users can create unique, strange and interesting photos.

Unique timer mode

Users ask for a self-timer in every app, and of course our app can do that too. In addition to the time limits already set in Silent Camera, users can adjust any milestones. The possibility of an automatic timer function is a practical advantage for us users.

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Use accessory effects

In addition to the potential to take snapshots, we can use numerous results, including the capture process. The outcomes are divided using material that customers can choose and use. More specifically, the choice of results can be reliable and meet all the user’s improving desires.

Great photo quality

The image quality is excellent and the sharpness is guaranteed. The application has intelligent filters that help ensure the quality of your photos. More specifically, the ability to highlight the main color also emphasizes the application. Silent Camera has always been at the forefront of promoting its ability to ensure images that meet the needs of all users.

Use a modern corner

Users can rent contemporary shooting angles with this software to grab all the features of a venue. More specifically, customers can arbitrarily enlarge the photo-taking area by choosing a modern photo-taking style. Users can also use the auto-attitude feature of the software to take sensible and colorful photos.

Use net shot

In addition, customers can use the grid shape to take photos. This shape brings all corners of the photo to life. Moreover, the grid mode will even create tempting scenes and get the whole sharp pose for the picture.

  • The main feature of the application is that it can take pictures without making any sound.
  • Users can choose attractive timer styles and each time frame is set according to individual opinions.
  • Discover efficient snapshot capabilities that can capture several dozen images in a short time.
  • A series of photo-taking layouts will be included in the application and users can use them according to their purposes.
  • The application has a modern shooting angle alignment feature that users can use as they wish.
  • Users can use various accompanying effects to make the colors of the photo more realistic.
  • By using more eye-catching shooting styles with the shape of the bottom, users can get any unique angle for their photos.

What’s new

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・Photo quality improvements
·Performance improvements
・Minor bug fixes
・Album folder view
Support to display photos by folder in the album. Even if you have a lot of photos, you can quickly access the ones you want.

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To download

silent camera [High Quality] v8.7.5 APK [Premium] / Mirror

Older version

silent camera [High Quality] v8.7.4 APK [Premium] / Mirror

silent camera [High Quality] v8.7.0 APK [Premium] / Mirror

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