Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Draft Digital Markets Act (DMA) legislation could force Apple to open its iPhones to third-party app stores within the EU next year, and Setapp says it’s ready if that happens. ing. The company, known for its popular app subscription service, has officially announced the Setapp mobile app store and is accepting applications from developers who want to join.

Setapp has recently expanded its app subscription service from macOS and web apps to include iOS. But the company said the opportunity to offer a full-fledged app store for iPhone customers in the EU next year will expand its offering with “major iOS-only developers” so they can “reach a wider audience.” I see it as a way to help.

Setapp says it already has more than 30 developers planning to offer their apps in the app store.

Setapp has enabled over 30 current vendors to deliver the full app experience to EU users, expanding the range of apps available, including Ulysses, Taskheat, NotePlan, PDFSearch, and Soulbar.

Calling All iOS Developers

The company has also started an application for developers to submit their apps for consideration in the Setapp app store.

According to Setapp, the benefits of joining as a developer include a dedicated community of users built-in, seamless onboarding, and offloading commerce and distribution.

By joining Setapp, developers gain access to a dedicated community of users, increasing the visibility and potential user base of their apps. Setapp provides a seamless onboarding experience, letting your team handle the commerce and distribution aspects while allowing developers to focus on what they do best: building great apps.

Setapp revenue share

Setapp’s base rate of return to developers is the same as Apple’s, 70%, but bonuses are possible. Setapp shares his 20% of commissions with users who acquire new customers, so developers can get up to 90% of revenue from monthly user commissions.

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Developers wishing to contact Setapp can do so here. Also, if you’re an end user, you can stay up to date on the release plans on the Setapp app store by signing up here with your email address.

When should Apple allow third-party app stores?

The deadline for companies like Apple to comply with the EU’s DMA law is March 2024. However, Apple is expected to further challenge its interpretation of the law regarding the app store, so it’s difficult to know when the change will take place.

Learn more about DMA.

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