Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
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SeriesGuide – Show & Movie Manager is where you look for movies and TV shows to watch. With this application, you will not be afraid of missing every episode of the movie you are watching and you will see complete information and time while watching the movie. Users can receive notifications about upcoming episodes of shows they watch, and backup and sync their data through the application. Join us and enjoy many of the most popular programs now, completely free!

Experience innovation

Best Free Movie App – SeriesGuide. Enjoy your favorite movies and check the update progress. Users can especially experience new features in the newly updated version. Enjoy your favorite programs with many new themes, change styles to fit your experience space, and change colors, including Android 12’s dark mode.

For a clearer view and to receive notifications about upcoming shows, you can switch screens or add screens to show upcoming movies. Moreover, you will experience many updated tools such as the Add View button in the app. To track your movie watching, select an episode you’ve watched. It does not overlap with previously viewed episodes. And most importantly, don’t worry if you miss an episode you haven’t seen yet.

Discover popular programs

You don’t have to go far. Now you can enjoy the most popular movies with just SeriesGuide. Search and find movies that are similar to the genres you have seen or are popular in the record views. Above all, you can find out which films are currently in theaters so you don’t miss the current trends. Movies currently in theaters will be updated and played digitally or on disc.

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Data synchronization

There are many shows and movies mentioned in the trending section of the SeriesGuide. You can spend more time tracking your progress or watching your favorite shows and movies. If you watch a lot of different shows, you may spend a lot of time searching through your history or worse, lose data about movie lists and favorite shows. Log into the app’s cloud and back up all your existing data.

Integrated with TRAKT

This application gives you the best experience while watching movies and ensures that you do not face any problems while using the application. For easy access to your watchlist and collection, it is useful to link your trakt account. In addition to this feature, users can use their account to subscribe to various programming channels.

Not only that, but you can also rate and comment on shows that interest you. Objectively review and follow other users’ comments on upcoming shows you follow. By connecting your account with the Trakt Utilities integration, your users can easily sync the episodes and movies they watch. It combines all the unique features and other highlights of SeriesGuide to provide the best user experience. Install the app now and enjoy special features. We own the best movie watching app chosen by many users.



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