Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
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Are you afraid that your mobile phone is often overloaded and you cannot save other files? It becomes a junk file. Many smart cleaning applications now clean your phone instead. Pro features make SD Maid Pro the most innovative and awesome file processing application ever. If your phone hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, take possession of it now.

Powerful file manager and cleaner app

SD Maid Pro is an acclaimed file manager and cleaner, released with many latest features to help everyone clean up their phone. can be used. The best thing about this application is its strong compatibility with many of today’s Android devices. Many people use this tool on their phone to save storage space and delete all unwanted files. Using the application makes the user’s phone more efficient and reduces the number of viruses that damage the device.

Clear device memory

With the Pro feature has come an amazing application that every user should have on their device. This has enabled and added some more powerful features. SD Maid Pro is integrated with many features to help users clear unwanted caches, speed up other application experiences, and manage storage at optimal capacity. The application also works as a smartphone cleaning tool. As you can see, cleaning your phone regularly will make your browsing and calling experience smoother. The movement speed in the app is also faster. The document files will be duplicated and you will be offered to delete the files to free up space on your phone’s memory card. Additionally, clearing the memory can prevent the phone’s CPU from overheating and temperature spikes, thus extending the life of the phone.

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Details of background apps on your device

If your phone’s apps are taking up a lot of storage space on your SD, you may need to clean up and speed up your storage experience and disable unnecessary apps. I have. Phone Power Free is an additional feature in SD Maid Pro that allows users to clean their phones. Alerts you when your phone uses more than 80% of its storage space and has too much junk. It’s time to clean your phone.

Support searching files by content

In addition to the above functions, SD Maid Pro also supports searching files by content. Users simply enter keywords for files and depending on what they search for, a set of matching results is displayed. This feature can also be found in other smart applications. Users can also search for files by name to quickly get the following results: Moreover, the application also helps users view large files and find objects that are taking up too much phone storage space. You can also search for edited files. However, it takes some time for this feature to be recognized by the application. Moreover, you can speed up the search process by setting a few notable properties in the settings.

Delete all songs after installing the app

Also cleans up previously deleted applications to help users manage all their files and applications efficiently. All relevant information about the application is completely erased, leaving no residue. It is this factor that ensures that your phone does not run any malicious residual files. If you have folders that you no longer use, delete them all to free up energy and speed up your computer.

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Perfect interface

Like many similar file cleaning and management apps, this is the ultimate tool for Android devices. Once you own it, everything on your phone is intelligently optimized. Each application or document file is automatically disabled when you stop using it, to improve the performance of your device. Gamers may find it to have a very minimalist user interface, but there is quality under the hood. It is easy to operate, you just need to lightly touch what you need to remove and accelerate. The application does this automatically in no time.

In short, this app deserves priority over similar cleaning apps. When users use this application, all operations are performed easily and without hindrance. Hopefully, this application will be a smooth place for everyone to surf freely.


SD Maid Pro


SD Maid Pro v5.6.1 patched | Mirror

SD Maid Pro v5.6.1 Untouched + Pro Key | Mirror

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SD Maid Pro v5.5.10 patched | Mirror

SD Maid Pro v5.5.10 Untouched + Pro Key | Mirror

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