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Samsung is known for its playful rivalry with Apple, and the company never misses an opportunity to mock its Cupertino-based rival. Whether it’s the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 100x zoom or its foldable phone reign, Samsung is always quick to point out Apple’s lack of innovation. So Samsung is always trying to show his iOS users how good his Android is and pull them “inside out”. The company’s recent move is no exception.

Samsung recently released its new generation of flip and foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5. And just like clockwork, the company began teasing what his Apple users were missing. But this time, rather than just ads and pictures, Samsung is offering a free trial of what it looks like to be a Galaxy user. To be more precise, Samsung offers to virtually try out the iPhone’s Galaxy UI with the app “Try Galaxy”.

Through Samsung’s Try Galaxy app, iPhone users can experience what Galaxy phones have to offer. The app was originally released in 2020, but was recently updated to allow iPhone users to slam two iPhones together to create a “fake” Galaxy Fold.

Turn iPhone into Galaxy Fold 5

As for how this app works, it basically starts simulating a Galaxy phone on your iPhone. Once started, a virtual Galaxy Fold created using an iPhone (which requires using two iPhones at the same time to operate two screens) behaves in a similar fashion to the Galaxy Fold 5.

Apps can be opened and closed within the simulation, and apps pre-installed on the phone are available within the Samsung UI. Additionally, this update also includes app support for up to 20 languages, including Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Latin American Spanish, and Russian.

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How to use Samsung Try Galaxy

To use the “Try Galaxy” app on your Samsung Galaxy:
– Visit
– Add the app to your iPhone home screen.
– Start the app and tap “Try folding”.
– Repeat the same process on the second iPhone at the same time.
– Two iPhones are connected using an in-app code.
– Once set up, both iPhones will be combined into one screen, giving you a glimpse of the Samsung Fold phone experience.

The Try Galaxy app doesn’t just let users experience the size and aspect ratio of Galaxy smartphones. One UI 5.1.1 is also displayed while using the app, giving iOS users a taste of what Galaxy users see every day. This includes features like Quick Share and Samsung Health’s fitness suite. The app also has an “experience” that lets users explore his FlexCam mode, which takes advantage of the inner and outer displays of the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold. This is something the iPhone lineup cannot do.

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August 22, 2023


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