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RubikCalc is a unique, fully programmable calculator that lets you add all your most used functions with one swipe of the screen. The interface has a very user-friendly interface, so virtually anyone can program this calculator as a physical, scientific or mathematician in a single calculator. custom formula calculator.

You can turn your custom formula into a calculator in no time without any programming skills or experience, just math.

1- Write your own custom calculator with your custom formula
2- View results in real time as you type.
3- Review the steps of the solution
4- Save your calculators for later use
5- Supports trigenometric functions (Sin,Cos,Tan…)
6- Supports logarithmic functions

Use the following formula and see the results immediately during real-time debugging.

Example1 (speed calculator)
Distance[m] = x
Time[s] = t
Speed[m/s] = x/t

Example 2 (density calculator):
Mass[kg]= m
Volume[m3] =v
Thickness[kg/m3] =m/f

Example 3 (volume calculator):
Base area=x*y

Example 4 (trigenometric calculator):
Base area=x*y

  • What is the “Programmable Custom Formula Calculator”?
  • It is an app that allows you to write your custom formula and convert it to a custom calculator easily.
  • How is RubikCalc different from any other programmable calculator?
  • RubikCalc is completely different from other programmable calculators, so it is not a static app, but completely dynamic. You can create your own custom formula calculators and save them and use them later.
  • Can I use variable names like this p1,a3?
  • No, you cannot combine numbers with letters in variable names. Use only single symbols a,b,c,x,y,
  • How does the app distinguish between input and output?
  • Outputs contain a formula like this: Speed=x/t,Square=x^2
    While Input is just the following definitions: Distance=x, Time=t, Radius=r
  • How can I specify units?
  • Put the units in brackets after the name, like this, Distance[m]=x
  • How can I use the logarithmic function?
  • Just write log(3),log(4).
  • Can I use PI?
  • Yes, just write PI, all capital.



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